Universal cuff daily living aids and adaptive utensil holders EazyHold


EazyHold universal cuff for daily living assistance

Easy Hold strap on various everyday objects

Eazy Hold

The EazyHold ® universal cuff grip assist is an affordable general use strap that helps people accomplish daily living activities independently despite physical conditions or disabilities impacting grip strength.
teen using easy hold with cell phone

Eazy Hold

The flexible universal cuffs attach securely to get a grip on handles of utensils, tools, toys and more! Our adaptable assistive device is made of soft, flexible food-grade silicone, hypoallergenic and latex free. Eazy to use, Eazy to clean and Eazy on the hands!
Source: Universal cuff daily living aids and adaptive utensil holders EazyHold
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IBM’s Watson: Analyzing Data to Predict the Success of Guide Dog Puppies in Training

If there are two things that seem to be polar opposites, it's the warm exuberance of puppies and the cold intelligence of a supercomputer like IBM's Watson. At Guiding Eyes for the Blind in Yorktown Heights, New York, need has brought the two together -- to help determine which puppies are good candidates to serve the blind. "The incidence of blindness is increasing at an incredibly and somewhat alarming rate," said Thomas Panek, CEO of the guide dog organization. Panek lost his sight in his 20s. "Only about 36 percent of the dogs make it" as a guide dog, he said.
Some new recruits
To be a successful guide dog, puppies need to be healthy, confident enough to take charge and make decisions on the fly, and most of all, they have to enjoy the work. For decades, Guiding Eyes for the Blind has been accumulating data, some of it provided by puppy raisers like Lorraine Trapani, who is also an IBM employee. "TJ is 4 months old and I've already started to collect data on his behavior, things we're working on, things he might be interested in, a bee that's flying by. Things we need to work on so when he's a guide dog, he can ignore those distractions," Trapani said.
One trainee inspects an umbrella
That's where IBM's Watson comes in. So far, Watson has analyzed half a million kilobytes of behavioral data, and that's just the beginning.  
Source: CBS NEWS Continue reading
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Helping people with disabilities to enjoy video games | SpecialEffect

We put fun and inclusion back into the lives of people with physical disabilities by helping them to play video games.By using technology ranging from modified joypads to eye-control, we're finding a way for people to play to the very best of their abilities.
Gamer using single switches

Gamer using single switches

But we're not just doing it for fun. By levelling the playing field, we're bringing families and friends together and having a profoundly positive impact on therapy, confidence and rehabilitation.
Adapted Game Controllers

Adapted Game Controllers

Our work is transformational and unique. Our team of therapists and technologists are determined that everyone, whatever their physical disability, should be able to share the fun, laughter and inclusion that video games can bring. From controller modifications to voice controls and switch interfaces, all our customised gaming setups are designed to suit the very specific individual needs of each person we help.
Source: Helping people with disabilities to enjoy video games | SpecialEffect
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Voice Cam – for Blind and Visually Impaired is currently free for a limited time | AppleVis

Hi to All, Voice Cam, the app for Blind and visually impaired is free for a limited time! More details at http://www.infogp.net/app-per-non-vedenti/ Gian Piero Link to app in the App Store:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/voice-cam/id826208000?mt=8 Deal Type:  iOS Apps Gone Free
Source: Voice Cam - for Blind and Visually Impaired is currently free for a limited time | AppleVis
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ELI – Android Apps on Google Play

ELI is a personal assistant for the visually impaired that help identify objects. ELI is NOT a QR Code Scanner. ELI uses unique and special QR coded adhesive labels that do not limit the amount of voice recording that can be stored with each label. Each label is associated with the unique language of the user. Each unique QR coded label is programmable and can be re-recorded an unlimited number of times.
frog tipping its hat

Thanks to OT with Apps for the Tip!

ELI has a built-in voice-guided instructions to assist in guiding you through the App. You can purchase your ELI Label set of 100 unique QR coded adhesive labels at: http://www.envisioneli.com for $20 USD.
Source: ELI -Personal Identifier on Google Play and ELI - at the Apple App Store
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Google Glass 2.0 Is a Startling Second Act | WIRED

Yes, that’s Google Glass on her frames. But she’s not using it to check her Facebook, dictate messages, or capture a no-hands video while riding a roller coaster. Erickson is a 30-year-old factory worker in rural Jackson, Minnesota. For her, Glass is not a hip way to hang apps in front of her eyeballs, but a tool—as much a tool as her power wrenches. It walks her through her shifts at Station 50 on the factory floor, where she builds motors for tractors.
Man wearing google glass device over safety lens

Google Glass in the Workplace

No one at Erickson’s factory is concerned that the consumer version of Glass, after an initial burst of media glory, was condemned for bugginess and creepiness, then ushered into a gadget version of the Bardo. The original Glass designers had starry-eyed visions of masses blissfully living their lives in tandem with a wraparound frame and a tiny computer screen hovering over their eye. But the dream quickly gave way to disillusionment as early adopters found that it delivered less than it promised—and users became the target of shaming from outsiders concerned about privacy. Within three years, Alphabet (the parent company of Google and its sister company, the “moonshot factory” called X) had given up Glass for good—or so people assumed. What they didn’t know was that Alphabet was commissioning a small group to develop a version for the workplace. The team lives in Alphabet's X division, where Glass was first developed as a passion project of Google cofounder Sergey Brin. Now the focus was on making a practical workplace tool that saves time and money. Announced today, it is called Glass Enterprise Edition.
Source: Google Glass 2.0 Is a Startling Second Act | WIRED
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Live Caption

Live Caption logo

Live Caption

Live Caption being used at a group meeting

Live Caption

Using voice recognition software, you can connect with the world again. Stay in the conversation with Live Caption. Need help understanding the waiter at your favorite restaurant? When you download this app, they can speak directly into your phone and Live Caption transcribes in real time. To begin captioning, simply press the microphone button on the keyboard, speak normally and text results will appear. It also works with most Bluetooth devices such as headsets and in-ear microphones. Live, streaming captions as people speak into your device, only with the Live Caption app.
Source: Live Caption
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VoiceBooster Voice Amplifier & Mp3 Player 

Text to Speech
Voice Booster personal amplifier


Small Super Powerful Voice Amplifier/Speaker and built-in Mp3 player & FM Radio. Size is 3.86in x 3.62in x1.85in (98mm x 92mm x 47mm) The VoiceBooster brand is owned by TK Products, LLC. Each VoiceBooster product comes with a 6 month parts and Labor Warranty that is serviced by TK Products, LLC. The VoiceBooster must be purchased through TK Products or one it's authorized dealers for Warranty Claims to be honored.
Voice Booster Headset

Voice Booster Headset

Rechargeable lithium batteries that last 10-15 hours of continuous use before needing a charge
  • Battery life will last 2-3 years.
  • Sound covers over 6,000 square feet.
  • Small and portable.
  • FM Radio with Automatic Tuning.
  • USB port and controls for playing MP3 music and sound files.
  • Comes with adjustable waist.
  • Can also be used MP3 speaker.
Source: Amazon.com: VoiceBooster Voice Amplifier & Mp3 Player
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Walkin VR: Virtual Reality in Bed

french tts
Walkin VR toted as "Virtual Reality in bed, wheelchair, SMA (spinal muscular atrophy), one arm" is an exciting development in accessibility. The video above is said to show some "people with SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) playing Virtual Reality using Oculus with WalkinVR during Good Game 2017 in Warsaw, [Poland]". Definitely looking forward to investigating this. My hope is for standard controller access over VR games. Might need more thought for this at game development level. Download WalkinVR at www.walkinvrdriver.com/download Follow WalkingVR at www.facebook.com/WalkinVR Found via: @AxGameDesign on Twitter.
Source: OneSwitch.org.uk blog
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How to use Drop In with your Amazon Echo speakers – CNET

Drop In feature in  Alexa app

Dapop In feature in Alexa app

Amazon rolled out a new feature that piggybacks on voice calling: Drop In. This is intended for calling relatives and checking in on them with video or voice calling. But for users with multiple Echos or Echo Dots scattered around their house, it also doubles as an intercom system. You can drop in on the kitchen from the upstairs Echo, or check in on the kids in their bedroom from the Alexa app on your phone. Here's how to set up and use Drop In. How to setup Drop In For starters, Drop In is slightly different than a voice call in that those you allow to Drop In on you can literally drop in whenever. When dropping in, the person on the other end doesn't have to answer, you connect automatically and it works like an intercom system. You can immediately begin speaking and you can hear anything happening near the speaker you've connected to. If you Drop In on an Echo Show (from the Alexa app or another Echo Show), you and your contact will see a frosted glass video that will clear up after connecting.
  Source: How to use Drop In with your Amazon Echo spe akers - CNET
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