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Uber-Like Service Designed For Riders With Disabilities – Disability Scoop  RideKC Freedom The one-year pilot project enables riders to use a cellphone app to hail taxis. While the core of the service was built with the mobility of people with disabilities in mind, it is open to the general … Continue reading

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Tecla | Access technology hands-free WHO IS TECLA FOR? Tecla is for anyone who can’t easily use a smartphone, tablet or computer. This includes those with limited upper-body mobility resulting from spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, ALS, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, brain injuries, or … Continue reading

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Sue Austin: Deep sea diving … in a wheelchair | TED Talk | When Sue Austin got a power wheelchair, she felt a tremendous sense of freedom — yet others looked at her as though she had lost something. In her art, she conveys the spirit of wonder she feels wheeling through … Continue reading

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Kinesthetic Classroom

TTS In 2012 Kidsfit began working with a team of Brain Research Experts, Educational Consultants, and Classroom Teachers to develop a new way for children to learn and interact in their classrooms. What came out of our research and classroom … Continue reading

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Superflex: Soft Exoskeleton For Elderly That Can Be Worn Like Underwear – Assistive Technology Blog One third of adults over 65 report difficulty walking three blocks. Mobility is a serious concern for the aging population which stems from the fact that other physical ailments and issues force them to stay at home, leading to … Continue reading

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Fuel for Thought blog: Solar-powered wheelchairs an idea that makes sense

Text to Speech Demo In a time when renewables, particularly solar, seem to be creeping into all sectors, why shouldn’t wheelchair accessibility and renewable energy go hand-in-hand? The idea came as I struggled with severe back pain on Monday at … Continue reading

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About us – Mobility Designed

Text to Speech Our Story   “I grew up seeing my dad on and off crutches due to multiple knee surgeries. I always knew the old civil war era design needed to change, and I’ve been dreaming up ways to … Continue reading

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AT Assessment Part 1 – Independent Living with Lynne Deese Assistive Technology Radio Welcome to the INDATA Project’s Assistive Technology Radio.  You are listening to selections from the content about assistive technology we produce every week. Interested in listening to a specific program?  Check out our listing of podcast … Continue reading

Posted in assessment, Prosthetics/Orthotics, Seating and Mobility, Special Education Technology, Training, workplace | Leave a comment I Wheelchair Accessible Travel Blog Hello, I’m John Morris. I’m a 26-year-old car accident/burn survivor, triple amputee and wheelchair user. I created this wheelchair travel blog to share my experiences traveling the world and overcoming the barriers to accessibility. After my car accident, I … Continue reading

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The Easy Push — IntelliWheels Pushing a standard manual wheelchair can be tough, but with the IntelliWheels Easy Push, pushing instantly becomes twice as easy. The IntelliWheels Easy Push uses simple gears in each wheel  to make it significantly easier to push forwards, backwards, … Continue reading

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