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Amazon Dash Wand, with Ask My Buddy

Convert Text to Speech ~~ Amazon Echo Alexa skill Using Ask My Buddy with the Amazon Dash Wand outside Please note that you MUST be with range of your wifi for the Alexa service to work. Every year 50,000 … Continue reading

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TAP | TAP Assistance Program

Convert Text to Speech The Television Assisted Prompting (TAP) system is a unique prompting device that delivers reminders and/or home therapy programs to individuals via their home televisions. The TAP system broadcasts multi-media (e.g., text, pictures, audio, and/or video) reminders … Continue reading

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LDK Adapted Toys LLC I can still remember the frustration and depression I felt before each holiday:   my son Luke’s first Christmas, first birthday, first Easter, and so on. He already had so many toys that he couldn’t play with, just sitting on shelves.  I would hunt … Continue reading

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Simply DAF – Delayed Auditory Feedback on the App Store

Powered by iSpeech Simply DAF offers intuitive and easy-to-use Delayed Auditory Feedback for improving fluency and reducing stuttering. The large buttons and ability to lock settings will appeal to individuals with motor difficulties as well as older patients who fear … Continue reading

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VoiceBooster Voice Amplifier & Mp3 Player 

Text to Speech Small Super Powerful Voice Amplifier/Speaker and built-in Mp3 player & FM Radio. Size is 3.86in x 3.62in x1.85in (98mm x 92mm x 47mm) The VoiceBooster brand is owned by TK Products, LLC. Each VoiceBooster product comes with … Continue reading

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How to use Drop In with your Amazon Echo speakers – CNET Amazon rolled out a new feature that piggybacks on voice calling: Drop In. This is intended for calling relatives and checking in on them with video or voice calling. But for users with multiple Echos or Echo Dots scattered … Continue reading

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Phones for Low Vision and Blind Seniors | National Federation of the Blind

http://www.ispeech.orgThe National Federation of the Blind Access Technology team made its presence known this year at the CSUN Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference. As in years past, we presented on topics of interest to blind technology users. Below, you … Continue reading

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Leka: A Tiny Robot That Helps Kids With Autism With Motor, Social & Emotional Skills

high definition tts There’s a new robot in town. Although it looks like any other toy robot, it is more of a companion, especially for children with Autism. Leka, the robot, encourages children with autism to develop social and motor … Continue reading

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Start ASL 1 Class App on the App Store

Speech Synthesis The Start ASL 1 Class mobile app is the best way to take our class on your mobile device. It’s straightforward and made to be an easy way to learn ASL on the go. The full class includes … Continue reading

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SkyAngel911 Alert System Carry 911 with you wherever you go. You are not alone. You can now have the same safety, comfort and convenience of calling 911 from your home outside of your home … with the SkyAngel911™ alert system. Now you … Continue reading

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