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The North Carolina Assistive Technology Program (NCATP) leads North Carolina's efforts to carry out the federal Assistive Technology Act of 2004. We promote independence for people with disabilities through access to technology. Visit our website at

Kindle Accessibility Improvements: NVDA Screen Reader

Powered by iSpeech Last year, we brought our VoiceView screen reader to Kindle E-readers. This week, I’m excited to announce our update to the Kindle for PC app, making it easier for visually impaired customers to find and read millions … Continue reading

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Liftware Level: A Utensil For for People With Motion-Related Disorders – Assistive Technology Blog

Text to Speech Voices By now, you must have seen or heard about this new steady spoon/ utensil that lets people with hand tremors eat without spilling and dropping their food. Liftware Level, a new motorized spoon, is designed for … Continue reading

Posted in Aids for Daily Living | Tagged | Leave a comment blog: Electronic Soup Podcast: Audio Games and How far we’ve come….

Text to VoiceAbove I’ve uploaded the 2010 SpecialEffect electronic soup podcast’s to YouTube. The four-parts include audio games and playing with a visual impairment.These were put together by Dark of and myself for the much missed SpecialEffect Accessible GameBase and the Dave … Continue reading

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TellMe TV and BluEvo Partner to Launch Worlds First Subscription Video Streaming Service for the Blind – – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – | TellMe TV and BluEvo have launched the world’s first fully described video on-demand service (VOD), delivering an unprecedented selection of rich audio description entertainment experiences to the American vision-loss community. Founded by media connoisseur and accessibility advocate Kevin Shaw, … Continue reading

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VEST vibratory vest

http://www.ispeech.org   Can sensory data be fed through unusual sensory channels?  And can the brain learn to extract the meaning of such information streams? Yes and yes. Sensory substitution is a non-invasive technique for circumventing the loss of one sense … Continue reading

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Eye-Music Concert at the Opera House Eye-Music Concert at the Opera House: Psykinetic, Jess Irwin and the APQSeptember 4, 2016|PsykineticA true collaboration between Dr Jordan Nguyen with his social business Psykinetic, the Australia Piano Quartet, and new musician Jess Irwin. This innovation was created to … Continue reading

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ElBraille: Portable device designed for users who are blind or deaf-blind. The ElBraille is a portable device designed for users who are blind or deaf-blind and want to stay connected at school, work, or home as well as on the go. The twenty-first century, take anywhere replacement for the dedicated … Continue reading

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Superflex: Soft Exoskeleton For Elderly That Can Be Worn Like Underwear – Assistive Technology Blog One third of adults over 65 report difficulty walking three blocks. Mobility is a serious concern for the aging population which stems from the fact that other physical ailments and issues force them to stay at home, leading to … Continue reading

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BrainPort: Technology That Lets Blind People See With Their Tongue – Assistive Technology Blog What is the extent assistive technology can go to in order to provide solutions? Emily Gossiaux was hit by a truck (18 wheeler) a few years ago because of which she lost her vision. Being a visual artist, she … Continue reading

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TippyTalk – Tippy Talk The TippyTalk is an enhanced AAC (communication) platform that removes the person living with the verbal disability from the frustration. Isolation and limitation of same room communication and opens the door to the world around them. How it works … Continue reading

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