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The North Carolina Assistive Technology Program (NCATP) leads North Carolina's efforts to carry out the federal Assistive Technology Act of 2004. We promote independence for people with disabilities through access to technology. Visit our website at

Breaking: Window-eyes discontinued, in the hands of the VFO Group Today may be a pretty historic day when it concerns innovation and partnerships. Window-eyes might not be a household name among screen readers, but it’s discontinuation means that many especially within the international blind community may be impacted. For … Continue reading

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Transcending Disabilities: Positive Body Imaging | Kim Lan Grout | TEDxUNC – YouTube One day in the grocery store, someone questioned Kim Lan Grout’s ability to be a mother because of her leg amputation. In this talk, Grout explores the way we judge differences, and how simple it is to change the … Continue reading

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AgrAbility: The Toolbox

Text to Speech ErgoMates Anti-Fatigue Overshoes are designed to minimize impact shock, pain, and fatigue for those who have to stand or walk for extended periods of time on hard surfaces. Strapped over the worker’s footwear (including work boots), these … Continue reading

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FARMER/VETERAN Farmer Veteran Documentary on PBS’ Independent Lens, May 29th Our Website Home from three combat tours in Iraq, Alex Sutton forges a new identity as a farmer, hatching chicks and raising goats on 43 acres in rural North Carolina. … Continue reading

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Maccessibility Roundtable Podcast 131

iSpeech In Episode 131 of The Maccessibility Roundtable Podcast, our knights discuss: Follow-up: Workflow updates Follow-up: Prizmo Go Desktop and Documents in Sierra Is the Apple Watch a good app platform? Is Amazon Prime Video coming to Apple TV? Beats … Continue reading

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Assistive Pan Holder for One Hand Use for Disabled

Convert Text to Speech Many people might have either a broken arm or even a missing one. This $2 assistive pan holder can help people who are disable and love to cook. Now idea came to me when my step … Continue reading

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Uber-Like Service Designed For Riders With Disabilities – Disability Scoop  RideKC Freedom The one-year pilot project enables riders to use a cellphone app to hail taxis. While the core of the service was built with the mobility of people with disabilities in mind, it is open to the general … Continue reading

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Word Bank for Google Chrome | OT’s with Apps & Technology Word BankDon Johnston just announced another new product, Word Bank for Google Chrome. A similar support to Co:Writer but without the prediction features, Word Bank easily creates a word cloud or word list on a topic from an electronic … Continue reading

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Stylus Options for iPad and iPhone Users: Do It Yourself | ATMac Directly touching the screen is a very easy access method for most people, and has many accessibility benefits, but for others it’s brought new accessibility challenges.This article is about custom and do-it-yourself options for styluses and pointers, including head … Continue reading

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Accessible Guitar Tuner 

iSpeechA Guitar Tuner for Blind Guitarist This is a tuner that is made specifically for blind people. It uses audio feedback to tell you if a string is too high or too low. How does it work? After turning it … Continue reading

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