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MindView Mind Mapping Assistive Technology (AT) software enhances student's ability to visualize, organize and present information. MindView AT sets a new standards for ease-of-use and productivity in the classroom and workplace. MatchWare's involvement in the Assistive Technology market demonstrates a dedication to provide students and professionals affected by reading, writing and learning difficulties with easy-to-use, professional software applications.

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An Accessible Life | Short Film from North Carolina Assistive Technology

TTS Demo
Assistive technology users and their life experiences are represented in the contributions of our consumers depicted in this film. This work focuses not only on their challenges but highlights their success and the role that assistive technology has played in helping them achieve their goals. Additionally, you will see contributions from the NCATP assistive technologists and family members. These people have worked with and supported these users becoming their allies as they embarked on a new way to attend school, interact with others, participate in meaningful work, express their spirit, share their knowledge and enjoy the narrative of struggle and victory that their lives have become.
Source: An Accessible Life on Vimeo
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Mountain Trike The All Terrain Wheelchair

Text to Speech
Mountain Trike The All Terrain Wheelchair from Mountain Trike on Vimeo.
This video introduces the exciting new Mountain Trike All Terrain Wheelchair and explains the unique design features which help wheelchair users access and enjoy the countryside. The film demonstrates the Trike in action in the forest and the park and shows some of the range of its capabilities.

The Mountain Trike enables wheelchair users to access the countryside and enjoy the thrills of riding off road trails, whilst also being highly practical and enhancing their lifestyle.

Following 5 years of intense development, the Mountain Trike is now available worldwide and includes the feedback of hundreds of wheelchair users in order to meet their needs.
Source: Mountain Trike The All Terrain Wheelchair on Vimeo
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24 Hour AAC Methods Playlist – YouTube
This list shares videos of AAC methods, personal stories, and other videos relating to communication and the right to communicate using one's chosen methods. The purpose is to educate and advocate for effective communication for our lifetime! This Video The Artificial Language Laboratory is celebrating the 35th anniversary of the first use of a speech prosthesis in history: the use by a man with a communication disorder to order a pizza over the telephone using a voice synthesizer. This high-tech sociolinguistic experiment was conducted at the Lab on the evening of December 4, 1974. Donald Sherman, who has Moebius Syndrome and had never ordered a pizza over the phone before, used a system designed by John Eulenberg and J. J. Jackson incorporating a Votrax voice synthesizer, a product of the Federal Screw Works Co. of Troy, Michigan.
Source: 24 Hour AAC Chat video playlist - YouTube
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Power Wheelchair Adaptation | Foot Drive Controls
Alejandro in his adapted power chair

Alejandro in his adapted power chair

Power wheelchair modification can be very intricate. Explore the experience of this father and son as they adapt and utilize a Foot Drive Control. Health insurance hasn't been much help, saying Alejandro will have to wait five years to get a powered wheelchair. That wasn't acceptable to his parents, so dad Shea took matters into his own maker hands. "Our best option was to for me to try to build something myself," Shea writes in his Hacking SMA blog documenting his family's experience.The project started with an adult-size powered wheelchair purchased on eBay for $800. Shea modified the seat and had to pick up batteries. The biggest challenge was reworking how the wheelchair is controlled. Shea created a foot control .....
two foot pedals for a power wheelchair

Foot Pedals

              Source: Dad hacks wheelchair 
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Clarity Concept Smartphone For The Visually Impaired
Clarity Smartphone for the Blind

Clarity Smartphone

Clarity Concept Smartphone The visually impaired do have their share of troubles while getting past day-to-day life. Keeping this in mind, designer Mark DiLella came up with the Clarity concept phone design. This clever phone design makes telephone use a lot easier for the blind without needing them to spend time figuring out the buttons. The phone uses the Braille system instead of normal flat buttons, that enables the blind to “see” the numbers they dial!Today, the world has 45 million blind people, a market segment largely over looked and ignored. Mark DiLella’s design however is sure to assist this population when it becomes more than just a concept design
Source: Clarity Concept Phone For The Visually Impaired By Mark DiLella « FGadgets
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Ultra Long Distance Wheelchair « ANDREW MITCHELL DESIGN
The ultra long distance wheelchair is a concept in the purest sense of the word. It provides a questioning look at equipment used for disabled athletes. For many mainstream pieces of consumer sports equipment, such as bikes, stlye combined with performance are expected. For disabled athletes the market is narrow; visual appeal can often take a back seat to cost or function.
Source: Ultra Long Distance Wheelchair « ANDREW MITCHELL DESIGN
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FlickKey | Virtual Keyboard for Mobile Devices
FlickKey Onscreen Keyboard on a smartwatch

FlickKey Keyboard

FlickKey is a  virtual  keyboard  for mobile devices  from phones and tablets to smartwatches and wristphones. The secret to FlickKey lies in the size and small number of keys. FlickKey keys are approximately nine times larger than the keys on traditional portable keyboards. Unlike small keys, the keys of FlickKey are so large that they are not hard to hit, they are actually hard to miss! Keep your eys on your text with true touch-typing!
  • 6 keys performing 54 functions
  • Flick anywhere and in any direction on each key
  • Pop-up flick-keys type common words fast
  • 2 keyboard screens cover all keys & functionality
  • Auto-correct & auto-complete
  • International keyboard layouts supported
  • Fast one handed, or two handed touch typing
Source: FlickKey
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Quha Zono | Computer Mouse
image of handsfree computer mouse

Quha Zono Computer Mouse

The Quha Zono is a computer mouse for those who cannot use an ordinary mouse with a computer or Android device. It is easily positioned on the user’s head, glasses, hand, foot, or anywhere you desire. The included, universal clip lets you attach the Quha Zono where you need it. The Quha Zono mouse uses an accurate 3-D gyroscope to detect its movement. The direction and speed of the movements can be easily tailored using the calibration application. All settings are stored in the internal memory of the device which makes it easy to move Quha Zono from one device to another. Source: Zygo-USA
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Brain Break Videos |

Powered by iSpeech
GoNoodle brain break video activities are categorized in three different activity categories:
  • Calm
  • Focus
  • Energize
Great resource for students with attention and concentration issues! Membership is required, with ample activities available for free. Pay for subscription is also available.  This is a great resource that you can play and project using your computer or iPad (using a VGA connector for iPad) connected to a class digital projector. A link on your iPad home screen or Android table to the website also allows you to choose and play the video activities on your tablet in a one on one or small group basis.
Thanks to OT with Apps for the Tip!

Thanks to OT with Apps for the Tip!

  Source OT with Apps
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