GazeSpeaker – Communicate and Interact with their eyes
GazeSpeaker App

GazeSpeaker App

Gazespeaker is a free software designed to help people with disabilities to communicate and interact with their environment and the web uniquely with their eyes. Speak simply by looking at the cell in the grid with an eye tracker (free AAC grids are included with multiple communication levels: you can modify or create new grids with the integrated grid visual editor), auto-adaptive and predictive keyboard, multi languages, emails, web pages, albums, videos, google maps, …
Source: GazeSpeaker - Speaking with the eyes
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Creative Senz3D – Depth and Gesture Recognition Camera

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Senze3D Webcam

Senz3D Webcam

Depth and Gesture Recognition Camera for PCs, in collaboration with Intel Experience a whole new way of interaction with the Creative Senz3D™ depth and gesture camera for PCs. Use hand gestures to play games, give voice commands for applications and more! It’s also a 720p HD webcam with a dual-array microphone for your video recording and chatting needs.
Source: Creative Senz3D - Web Cameras - Creative Labs (United States)
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AnimalWatch Vi Suite | Pre-Algebra Readiness for Students with Visual Impairments

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AnimalWatch Vi Suite

AnimalWatch Vi Suite

The AnimalWatch Vi Suite Team has been developing hands-on learning materials for algebra readiness that will help students with visual impairments improve their skills in computation and fractions, algebra, statistics, and basic geometry. In Spring 2014 we completed feasibility testing with 29 youth in Arizona (view the report) and during the 2014-2015 school year are doing a nationwide study. In the Spring of 2015 we will be presenting preliminary results of this study at CSUN, CTEBVI, the AFB Leadership Conference and the Principal of the Schools for the Blind Math/Science Institute.
AnimalWatch Vi Suite | Pre-Algebra Readiness for Students with Visual Impairments.
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iPad/iPhone Apps to Promote Positive State of Functioning for Children and Youth

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Classroom Image from Every Moment Counts

Classroom Image from Every Moment Counts

Mental Health is more than the absence of mental illness – it refers to a positive state of functioning resulting in feeling good emotionally and functioning well in everyday life. Tune into children’s’ affect (seem happy or content?), ability to perform needed tasks,interaction with peers/adults, and ability to adapt to and cope with everyday challenges. Use these apps to help children and youth be mentally healthy.
Grandpa tipping his hat

Thanks to OT with Apps for the Tip!

  Via Every Moment Counts
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Show Me App | People with Communication Needs
Show Me App for Emergencies

Show Me App

Show Me for Emergencies is an essential free app for emergency workers and people with communication needs - like difficulty understanding English, hearing impairments, and cognitive disabilities. It uses easy-to-understand icons for two-way communication during an emergency. Tailored icons for Emergency Shelters, Emergency Dispensing Sites (also called Points of Dispensing or PODs), Sheltering-in-Place, and Evacuating help emergency workers give clear directions. General communication icons for medical needs, personal needs, and feelings and support give people a way to express what they need - and help workers gather important information.
  Via  Show Me for Emergencies on the App Store on iTunes.
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LookTel| Introduction to VoiceOver
Voiceover Tutorials App

Voiceover Tutorials App

This app provides a basic introduction to VoiceOver and the gestures used throughout iOS. Persons new to VoiceOver and IOS are guided through the tutorial with a pleasant mix of facts and entertainment. Once the app is started with VoiceOver running, the text and elementary games provide a practice of the basic gestures used with VoiceOver and IOS. As each new gesture is introduced, it is accompanied by an interactive practice screen. The core basics are covered:
  •  tap, double-tap, and split-tap gestures
  •  flick right and flick left
  •  two-finger-double-tap
  •  the rotor gesture
  •  the up and down flick.
  •  two-finger single tap
  •  two-finger flick up and down
  •  double-tap and hold
  •  three finger flick up, down, left and right
A VoiceOver Basketball, and a VoiceOver Safe game provide opportunities to practice these core gestures. An explanation of the use each gesture has in IOS is provided, along with a summary of all the gestures introduced in this tutorial.
  Via LookTel VoiceOver Tutorial on the App Store on iTunes.
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PocketScan| World’s Smallest Wireless Scanner with OCR
PocketScan  World's smallest scanners with OCR, by Dacuda


PocketScan is the world's smallest wireless scanner – barely larger than a business card and super light. PocketScan is compact, smart, and incredibly easy to use. It’s the perfect companion on-the-go for your Windows PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone.  
  • World's smallest wireless scanner with OCR (Bluetooth
  • Powerful text recognition, ideal for Word & Excel
  • Instant translations & text-to-speech
  • Scans various formats (e.g. books, receipts, handwritten notes, charts, photos
  • Designed and engineered in Switzerland
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Gazetalk | Predictive Text-Entry System
GazeTalk interface


GazeTalk is a predictive text-entry system for severely disabled people that has a restricted on-screen keyboard with ambiguous layout. The main reason for using such a keyboard layout is that it enables the use of an eye tracker with a low spatial resolution (e.g., a web-camera based eye tracker). The goal of the GazeTalk project is to develop an eye-tracking based AAC system that supports several languages, facilitates fast text entry, and is both sufficiently feature-complete to be deployed as the primary AAC tool for users, yet sufficiently flexible and technically advanced to be used for research purposes. The system is designed for several target languages, initially Danish, English, Italian, German and Japanese.  
Gazetalk - COGAIN: Communication by Gaze Interaction (hosted by the COGAIN Association).
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TATE: Training for Technology to Compensate for Cognitive Challenges

Text to Speech
Electronic Organizer in use by student

Electronic Organizer

ATC—What is it? Assistive technology for cognition (ATC) refers to the use of technology to compensate for cognitive challenges. ATC includes low-tech aids such as notepads, calendars, and clocks. It also includes more complex electronic aids including tablets, simple cell phones, and smart phones. With technology always changing, why use this Toolkit? Although changes in technology are occurring at a rapid pace, the need for systematic assessment and training of ATC following brain injury remains constant. The goal of this manual is to address these constants. This Toolkit is for trainers. Trainers (instructors, coaches) include caregivers, family members, job coaches, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, and volunteers—anyone in a position to help someone with a brain injury learn to use ATC. This Toolkit was informed by the latest research on how to assess, select, and train ATC for individuals with cognitive impairments due to acquired brain injury. - See more at:
  Via TATE: Training Assistive Technology in the Environment Toolkit.
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It Hurts! Pain Management Apps for Children | OT’s with Apps & Technology
OT with Apps Logo

OT with Apps

An inquiry from a visitor about apps for pain management for children was posted so the search began. Although not exhaustive, her is an app and resource list of specific apps for pain management for kids and other relaxation apps. There are also a whole host of apps for self-regulation and calming that might also be helpful when managing pain. A few can be found in the Mental Health or Emotions category on the OT’s with Apps List.
Dancing frog animation

Thanks to OT with Apps for the tip!

via It Hurts! Pain Management Apps for Children | OT's with Apps & Technology.
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