Clarity Concept Smartphone For The Visually Impaired
Clarity Smartphone for the Blind

Clarity Smartphone

Clarity Concept Smartphone The visually impaired do have their share of troubles while getting past day-to-day life. Keeping this in mind, designer Mark DiLella came up with the Clarity concept phone design. This clever phone design makes telephone use a lot easier for the blind without needing them to spend time figuring out the buttons. The phone uses the Braille system instead of normal flat buttons, that enables the blind to “see” the numbers they dial!Today, the world has 45 million blind people, a market segment largely over looked and ignored. Mark DiLella’s design however is sure to assist this population when it becomes more than just a concept design
Source: Clarity Concept Phone For The Visually Impaired By Mark DiLella « FGadgets
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Ultra Long Distance Wheelchair « ANDREW MITCHELL DESIGN
The ultra long distance wheelchair is a concept in the purest sense of the word. It provides a questioning look at equipment used for disabled athletes. For many mainstream pieces of consumer sports equipment, such as bikes, stlye combined with performance are expected. For disabled athletes the market is narrow; visual appeal can often take a back seat to cost or function.
Source: Ultra Long Distance Wheelchair « ANDREW MITCHELL DESIGN
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FlickKey | Virtual Keyboard for Mobile Devices
FlickKey Onscreen Keyboard on a smartwatch

FlickKey Keyboard

FlickKey is a  virtual  keyboard  for mobile devices  from phones and tablets to smartwatches and wristphones. The secret to FlickKey lies in the size and small number of keys. FlickKey keys are approximately nine times larger than the keys on traditional portable keyboards. Unlike small keys, the keys of FlickKey are so large that they are not hard to hit, they are actually hard to miss! Keep your eys on your text with true touch-typing!
  • 6 keys performing 54 functions
  • Flick anywhere and in any direction on each key
  • Pop-up flick-keys type common words fast
  • 2 keyboard screens cover all keys & functionality
  • Auto-correct & auto-complete
  • International keyboard layouts supported
  • Fast one handed, or two handed touch typing
Source: FlickKey
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Quha Zono | Computer Mouse
image of handsfree computer mouse

Quha Zono Computer Mouse

The Quha Zono is a computer mouse for those who cannot use an ordinary mouse with a computer or Android device. It is easily positioned on the user’s head, glasses, hand, foot, or anywhere you desire. The included, universal clip lets you attach the Quha Zono where you need it. The Quha Zono mouse uses an accurate 3-D gyroscope to detect its movement. The direction and speed of the movements can be easily tailored using the calibration application. All settings are stored in the internal memory of the device which makes it easy to move Quha Zono from one device to another. Source: Zygo-USA
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Brain Break Videos |

Powered by iSpeech
GoNoodle brain break video activities are categorized in three different activity categories:
  • Calm
  • Focus
  • Energize
Great resource for students with attention and concentration issues! Membership is required, with ample activities available for free. Pay for subscription is also available.  This is a great resource that you can play and project using your computer or iPad (using a VGA connector for iPad) connected to a class digital projector. A link on your iPad home screen or Android table to the website also allows you to choose and play the video activities on your tablet in a one on one or small group basis.
Thanks to OT with Apps for the Tip!

Thanks to OT with Apps for the Tip!

  Source OT with Apps
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Partnership on Employment and Accessible Technology (PEAT)

Partnership on Employment and Accessible Technology

The Partnership on Employment and Accessible Technology (PEAT) is a multi-faceted initiative promoting the employment, retention, and career advancement of people with disabilities through the development, adoption, and promotion of accessible technology. is your  gateway to tools, resources, and collaboration in the pursuit of accessible workplace technology. Please browse our site to find resources for employers, technology providers, and technology users with disabilities. Source:
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Pain Management |Philips BlueTouch and PulseRelief app

australian text to speech
Wireless Electrodes attached to patients shoulder

Philips BlueTouch and PulseRelief App

This pain management device was designed to give persistent pain sufferers a more flexible way to manage their pain and maximize pain relief for a more active life, these new generation, app-enabled devices can be controlled wirelessly from an iPhone or iPad. By making it easy to choose and control pain relief thanks to the Philips Treatment app, Philips continues to support pain sufferers and enhance their everyday activity.
Source: Philips BlueTouch and PulseRelief app - Philips IFA 2014 news
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AudioNote – Notepad and Voice Recorder for iOS, Mac, PC, and Android
Interface for audio note app on the ipad

Audio Note

Take notes synced to audio with our bestselling note-taking software. AudioNote combines the functionality of note-taking and voice recording apps to create a powerful tool that will save you time while improving the quality of your notes.
Source: AudioNote - Notepad and Voice Recorder for iOS, Mac, PC, and Android
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Children’s Chair4Life wheelchair
power wheelchair for children and teens

Chair 4 Life

The Chair4Life (C4L) initiative was developed by the NHS National Innovation Centre (NIC) in response to clear statements of clinical need from users, carers and health experts. The priority need was identified in the Department of Health’s ‘Innovation Health & Wealth’ report to create a specification for a wheelchair, that would, be easily adaptable for a growing child, improve quality and provision of equipment, promote independence and improve a child’s quality of life.
Source: NHS Children’s “Chair 4 Life” wheelchair
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RALEIGH: Arts Access brings theater to life for the visually impaired

TTS Demo
Women in center of photo wearing audio description equipment with a boy and girl at either side wearing receivers and headphones

Susi Michelau, center, is an Arts Access audio describer. Evan Wilkerson, 8, left, and his sister Olivia Wilkerson, 9

Arts Access began in 1982 with an initial focus of making local arts venues wheelchair-accessible for patrons with disabilities. Other groups do American Sign Language (ASL) signing interpretations at arts events for the hearing-impaired, but audio description was an open niche until Arts Access started doing it in 1991. Arts Access does not provide sign language services, but there is a referral page on its website listing groups that do. Example of Audio Description Toward the end of “(You’re) Timeless to Me,” the second-act love song in “Hairspray,” Wilbur and Edna Turnblad (played by Kevin Ferguson and Tony Hefner) came together on the Raleigh Little Theatre stage. If you had the right kind of short-wave headset at a recent Sunday matinee performance, you could hear a move-by-move description between lines of the actors’ singing. You’ll always be du jour, mon amour, you’re timeless to me. “He pulls her close…” You’ll always be first-string, ring-a-ding-ding, you’re timeless to me. “They start to waltz away, stop, look into each other’s eyes…” You’re timeless to me.
Source: RALEIGH: Arts Access brings theater to life for the visually impaired | Arts
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