Footfidget Footrest |Dynamic Footrest

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child seated at desk using  Footfidget Footrest

Footfidget Footrest

Use as a dynamic footrest that attaches to a standard classroom desk with minimal adjustments. By fidgeting or pressing against the flexible, heavy resistance of the FootFidget® with their feet, students will realize proprioceptive input and energy releasing, focus attainining movement while leaving their hands free for classwork. The sturdy, nonslip design easily attaches to most school desks.     via Southpaw Enterprises - Footfidget Footrest.
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ARC Pen for Parkinson’s Disease

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The ARC pen might look laughably large, but it could be the perfect option for folks with Parkinson’s disease. It was created by a group of students from UK’s Royal College of Art and the Imperial College London to combat a Parkinson’s symptom called micrographia. That’s characterized by a patient’s handwriting becoming smaller and more cramped as they go along, to the point that it’s not readable anymore. This pen prevents that from happening by stimulating key muscles through vibration (it’s equipped with motors to make that happen), giving users more control over their hands. Further, its large size makes it more comfortable to hold than regular pens.

The team led by Lucy Jung started this project with something else in mind: they wanted to create a vibrating pen that can give non-patients a taste of what it feels like having to write with Parkinson’s. Instead, they found that vibration enables larger and more legible handwriting, which really isn’t that surprising. Remember Google X’s vibrating spoon moonshot? That one allows patients to feed themselves without spilling anything, because vibrations counter the user’s hand tremors. In fact, Jung and her team plan to equip other tools, such as makeup brushes and computer mice, with vibrating motors in the future.

  Via ZyroboticsVibrating pen makes it easier for Parkinson's patients to write - Zyrobotics.
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Grid Pad is Here | Communication Solution
Grid Pad is Here

Grid Pad is Here

Grid Pad provides the ultimate alternative communication solution. The range can be accessed through touch, switch or eye gaze, and all devices are powered by The Grid 2. Join the conversation. The Grid 2 comes with a wide selection of ready-made grid sets for communication and control, from basic symbol grids to advanced text input, and switch and mouse control of the entire PC. The Grid 2 also includes grids for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more. A simplified interface has been designed with our users in mind, allowing them to communicate with people no matter where they are in the world. Designed for you, whatever you do. Portable or wheelchair mounted, with up to 10 hours of battery life, rugged magnesium frame, with tough Gorilla Glass touch screen, these Grid Pad devices do the job. Source: Zygo-USA
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Wordflex Touch Dictionary | Oxford University Press
Wordflex touch dictionary

Wordflex Touch Dictionary

Developed exclusively for iPad and with rich content from the Oxford University Press, this fun, fascinating tool offers a truly engaging reference for word lovers of all ages and interests. By using your fingers to manipulate word trees, you will experience language as an interactive adventure, and will find information quickly and easily. Wordflex is the tool of choice for: • Writers looking for just the right word to add meaning to their text. • Students who want learning to be more fun, exciting and viral. • Teachers building visuals for lesson plans. • Word nerds and logophiles digging deep into linguistic complexities. • Artists and decorators looking for ways to bring art and meaning into a space (via high-resolution output capabilities). Free for Basic Use Explore mind-maps of up to 20 unique words per day and share them via social media; scroll word usage examples without limitations - the free package offers more than the average user’s needs. For more serious readers, writers, learners, and logophiles, ‘linguistic nirvana’ can be reached at the tap of a button - single in-app upgrade for a small fee removes any quota and adds sharing of high-resolution word posters via email, print and the photo library. Upgrade today and take advantage of our limited low introductory price.
Via Wordflex Touch Dictionary on the App Store on iTunes.
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Google Accessibility
Device with Access

Google Accessibility

Everyone should be able to access and enjoy the web. We’re committed to making that a reality. Discover tools designed to help you connect with co-workers, friends and family. Easily add or edit captions for your videos with YouTube’s in-line caption editor. Designed with accessibility in mind, Gmail is compatible with several popular screen readers. TalkBack is a pre-installed screen reader tool that uses spoken feedback to help you navigate and operate your Android device. WalkyTalky is a hands-free navigation tool that helps you know your current location while walking, through spoken notifications. It also works with Intersection Explorer to speak the names of streets and intersections as you touch and drag your finger around the map. via Google Accessibility.
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Audio Notetaker Note Taking Tool : Dragon NaturallySpeaking Integration
Audio Notetaker

Audio Notetaker with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Integration

Audio Notetaker is a great note taking tool for Windows PC. It has a synchronizing iOS app for recording and importing audio recordings to the Audio Notetaker software. The features of the software include recording audio tagged with presentation slides imported (such as PPT) into the software, audio recording separated by speakers chunks of messages, typing notes during the recording or at a later time and color coding the audio recorded are just a few of the tools offered.
via Audio Notetaker Version 4 Launched: Integration with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and more! | OT's with Apps & Technology.
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Desktop Desk | Adaptable Slate Board


The Desktop Desk is an adaptable slate board at is suitable for activities like writing and eating. At this time, people with disabilities do not have full access to all that should be available to them. While using the  some people with disabilities are able to participate more fully with the general population at home, school, work, and in many other environments. At school, students with different degrees of disabling conditions will be able to participate more independently inside and outside of the special education classroom.Our main goal is to level life’s playing field by helping provide greater opportunities for independence, while building confidence, enthusiasm, and reasons to actively participate in life.
  Via The Desktop Desk™.
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LifeSentry |Summon Assistance at Any Time

LifeSentry offers the ability to summon assistance at any time with the touch of a button.  LifeSentry utilizes patented two-way voice communication right through the pendant for coverage in and around the home.  The base station plugs into any standard telephone jack and can be programmed to contact any central station through Contact ID or 4 + 2 format. The LifeSentry is ideal for dealers looking to increase their recurring monthly revenue.  Simply program a primary and secondary number for the central station of your choice.  The user will be able to communicate with the trained professional right through the pendant upon activation
Via LifeSentry - LogicMark.
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Symbaloo Gallery | Early Switch Use | Online Bookmarking System
Symbaloo Gallery for Early Switch Use

Symbaloo Gallery for Early Switch Use

Symbaloo is an online bookmarking system featured on AT Daily December 20, 2012. This set of bookmarks (called a gallery) is useful to professionals and family member working with children in the early stages if switch use. Join Symbaloo and add these bookmarks to your collections.
Source: Symbaloo - Your Bookmarks and favorites in the cloud.
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Caduceus with a SALT Tip – Stylus Featuring a Bendable Shaft
Caduceus Stylus with Salt Tip

Caduceus with a SALT Tip

The Caduceus Stylus is an appealing stylus featuring a bendable shaft and very light making it well suited for individuals with grasp and motor control challenges. Made with a flexible core (but yet rigid enough to maintain positioning when used) and plastic coating, this stylus can be bent to almost any configuration. Total length of the Caduceus is 15″. It  weighs 20 grams, so light you can hardly feel this stylus when applied.
via Caduceus with a SALT Tip – a Highly Adaptable Stylus | OT's with Apps & Technology.
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