New Accent 1000 Speech Generating Device
Accent® 1000 is a dedicated speech generating device. With its portability and bright 10.1" display, Accent 1000 is easy to access and provides an extensive vocabulary. The Accent 1000 offers a choice of vocabulary options featuring the Unity® family with LAMP/Words for Life™, CoreScanner™, and WordCore. Other available vocabulary options include Essence® for literate adults, the UNIDAD® language system for Spanish/English bilingual use, and WordPower™. The Accent 1000 is powered by PRC’s NuVoice® software and offers built in support resources for clinicians and clients. The Accent 1000 is configured as a dedicated device to meet the functional specifications of the Medicare/Medicaid funding requirements. The Accent 1000 is locked from computer access and all other non-communication functions. Learn more about dedicated/integrated devices. An optional Integrated Feature Pack (IFP) is available for customers who choose to upgrade the device to its full capability. Learn more about dedicated/integrated devices
Source: Store - AAC & Speech Devices from PRC


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