Comcast Promotes Paralympic Sponsorship, Assistive Technologies 03/12/2018

Danelle Umstead, Alpine Skier, Team USA, Person with a Visual Impairment

Danelle Umstead, Alpine Skier, Team USA
Comcast created a video showcasing one of the Paralympic athletes that the telecom company is sponsoring. The video, just under two minutes, features the inspiring story of U.S. Paralympic Alpine Ski Team medalist Danelle Umstead. The visually impaired athlete narrates the video and details her story, conveying what it’s like to ski down the slopes with a visual disability and rely on sound to compete. She gives viewers a glimpse of how skiing looks to her and how it has opened up a door to freedom. Published Friday, the video has already been viewed more than 269,000 times. Comcast is featuring the video on social media and its website, where it focuses on accessibility. Comcast, an official partner of the USOC, has partnerships with 13 Team USA athletes including Umstead, who won bronze in both the 2010 and 2014 Paralympic Games.
Source: Comcast Promotes Paralympic Sponsorship, Assistive Technologies 03/12/2018


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