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Fidget in your Vidget! Moving is healthy and fun! Versatile, three-in-one seat enables gentle rocking for improved focus and attention. Turn on its side for a stool or a desk, or interlock 2 or more to create a group work space. Molded handles have textured sensory "bumps" for tactile input. Add a resistance band (not included) to improve gross motor skills and build muscle tone while seated. Made from lightweight, durable polyethylene. Stackable for compact, organized storage. Available in a wide range of fun colors and sizes. For additional sizes see: 42475 (Large 16 inch), 42474 (Medium 14inch) ,and 42473 (Medium 12 inch). Healthy Learning Research proves that movement & fidgeting while learning helps ALL students, but especially those with ADHD, Austim and higher sensory needs perform and learn better in the classroom. Reduce tensions and frustration while inspiring creativity! Healthy Movement Vidgets® chairs provide a safe and quiet, side-to-side rocking motion that helps release energy and allows children and adults to be in control of their own physical movement. Promotes better posture and improved balance while engaging the vestibular system!
Source: Vidget 3-in-1 Flexible Seating System™ - Toddler 10 inch | FlagHouse


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