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In the school system, selection of video magnifiers are typically reserved to the Teachers of the Visually Impaired. Their expertise on the needs of the student,  core curriculum and expanded core curriculum tasks make them best suited to select the AT that support students. In the community, employment and post secondary education, assistive technology specialists and occupational therapists might be involved in selection of technology to support individuals with visual impairment. Staying abreast of assistive technology can be a challenge with all the options
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available. One, of many online resources, is Perkin’s School for the Blind e-Learning, offering courses and blog posts of current assistive technology options for students with low vision and blindness. The January Paths to Technology Blog shares helpful information in their post ” Choosing the Appropriate Video Magnifier“. Their blog post discusses different types of video magnifiers categorized by features and tasks. Also included in the blog post, is a list of Common Video Magnifier Model which synthesizes basic features and the purpose of each device to assist with identifying appropriate devices. As an ATP and recent CATIS, I find such feature match lists invaluable, offering assistance with winnowing down choices when making decisions between AT devices.
Source: Perkin’s E-Learning – Choosing the Appropriate Video Magnifier | OT's with Apps & Technology


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