Open Sesame! Touch Free Control – Now on Google Play
Never-before-seen Touch-Free control for your smartphone or tablet. Utilizing the front facing camera with advanced computer vision algorithms, the entire phone can be controlled with head movements, with any app downloaded from the Play Store.
Sesame Enable developed the world's first completely touch-free smartphone and tablet, created for people with disabilities by people with disabilities. Sesame's application opens a new world of communication and independence to a population that needs it most: people suffering from Spinal Cord Injuries, Amputees, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy and others with limited to no use of their hands. Sesame's users regain control over their lives - making independent and private phone calls, completing school assignments, overcoming barriers to education, connecting with family and friends, engaging in social media, controlling a smart home and TV, and even managing businesses. Our users can, for the first time in their lives, gain private access to smart devices and through them – to the world.
** Supported on Android 7.0 and above **
Source: Open Sesame! Touch Free Control - Android Apps on Google Play


The North Carolina Assistive Technology Program (NCATP) leads North Carolina's efforts to carry out the federal Assistive Technology Act of 2004. We promote independence for people with disabilities through access to technology. Visit our website at
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