DecaTxt: Keyboard Operated with One Hand

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DecaTxt keyboard

DecaTxt keyboard

The DecaTxt keyboard replace a full-size keyboard with ten keys in about the size of a deck of cards, operated with one hand, using a technique called chording (pressing more than one key for some keystrokes). It connects wireless with Bluetooth 4.0 to many mobile devices and computer systems, including iOS, Android and Windows 10, providing remote user control. It was designed as assistive technology to provide an easy way to text and type while mobile, without looking. The DecaTxt changes the paradigm of where “keystrokes are found” to “how a keystroke is made”, using a few simple presses of your fingertips and virtually no travel time between keys. Every letter, number, symbol or function of a typical laptop is available without scrolling, menus, or repeatedly poking a button. Simply press and release the keys for the keystroke you want. Color coding of keystrokes are provided on the device to aid in learning the system without the need to carry instructions. Simply press the key(s) colored like the symbol plus the key adjacent to it. Black symbols are single press keys. Vibrations alert you when changing modes to caps lock or number lock and a single vibration when returning to normal mode. DecaTXt lets you type one-handed, left hand or right so you can keep your other hand free. This is a safer way to text or type mobile because you don't need to look away and poke at tiny keys on a glass screen. You can even type with your hand in your pocket so no one can see you taking notes or making things happen like magic! Use it to search in the dark on your TV for shows and pause them when they play. Take a break from your desktop and write code from your recliner or record your dreams in bed. DecaTxt is ideal for taking inventory, controlling PowerPoint, and game changing for those with limited vision or mobility issues. DecaTxt uses the patented IN10DID typing system that makes all letters a single press or simple thumb shift. Pressing both thumbs makes the next letter uppercase. For complete instructions of all keystrokes, watch this 3 minute video on YouTube. DecaTxt redefines the 19th century old desktop QWERTY keyboard for the much more mobile 21st century and is the first step in evolving where the keyboard can be.
Source: DecaTxt: Amazon Launchpad


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