How to Automatically Answer Phone Calls in iOS 11 on iPhone: Call & FaceTime
In iOS 11, Apple added brand new secret Accessibility feature to greet an incoming call automatically called Auto-Answer Calls. This latest feature all iOS 11 supported iPhone users are eligible to activate auto receive an incoming call without tapping on call Accept green button or on the lock screen without drag the Slide to Answer to the right. So it’s remarkable feature of iOS 11. By default, it comes disabled, so that if you want to use Auto-Answer Calls, then you will have to enable it which is described below.

Auto-Answer Feature Window in iOS 11

Flagship thing is that this interesting function is smooth works with a bluetooth headsetApple headphones and might with speakerphone too. So hey guys, head over on my following guide to set up Auto answering call on iPhone without the third-party app.
Source: How to Automatically Answer Phone Calls in iOS 11 on iPhone: Call & FaceTime


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