Anker’s Genie Is Just Like the Echo Dot, Only Cheaper | WIRED
Anker Genie Digital Assistant

Anker Genie Digital Assisstant

Now it's [Anker] launching a cheaper version of the Echo Dot smart speaker, powered by Amazon's Alexa. (Anker's not trying to win the virtual-assistant game, or at least not yet.) The Eufy Genie's capabilities match the Echo Dot's almost exactly. It can plug into speakers or work on its own; it can set timers, play music, answer questions, and access thousands of Alexa skills. It's optimized especially for Anker's own devices; rather than saying, "Alexa, let me talk to Eufy," you can just tell it to turn off the lights.
Source: Anker’s Genie Is Just Like the Echo Dot, Only Cheaper | WIRED


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