The Journey Continues For Humanware And the Victor Reader Trek

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Victor Reader Trek Podcast  Joe Steinkamp Jul 02, 2017 6:51 PM ET Another convention and another special where we take a long look at a new product. This time, Greg Stilson of Humanware sits down with Joe to talk about the new Victor Reader Trek. It is everything you know about the Trekker line of products, along with everything you love about the Victor Reader Stream and a heck of a lot more rolled into a spiffy new device. In this special, you will hear about what led into the design of the Victor Reader Trek, what comes in the box, what voices it supports, a GPS navigation demonstration, discussions on availability and of course the price.
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Thanks to Flying Blind for the tip.

Greg notes that the best way to secure your new Victor Reader Trek is to contact Humanware directly. We'll be speaking with Greg again soon about this device. So send along any questions not asked in this special to and we will provide the answers in a later podcast. For updates on this product go to Source: Flying Blind    


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