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Lifeline Access for individuals with limited mobility or physical challenges

Lifeline Access Transmitter

Lifeline Access Transmitter

These devices are offered as an alternative to the Personal Help Button. They can be used to answer incoming calls when you activate Lifeline’s remote answering feature and speakerphone. Lifeline offers the added protection of a smoke detector that automatically sends an emergency signal to the Lifeline Response Centre so that the Fire Department can be dispatched quickly. Lifeline develops other special assistive devices that give people with neuromuscular disabilities and disorders (like paralysis, Parkinson’s, MS Cerebral Palsy, and ALS) the ability to call Lifeline for help.

Lifeline Access Switches

These products have been specially designed for body motion activation for a range of individual needs.

Pillow Switch

lifeline_access_pillow_switch This round switch can be pinned to a pillow and activated by a controlled head movement.

Wobble Switch

This switch can be activated by gross hand or head movements, or by mouth or head stick.

Rocking Lever Switch

This switch is activated by gross hand, arm or body movements, or by mouth or head stick.

Sip or Puff Switch

This switch requires sipping or puffing on a tube. Minimal pressure changes are necessary. Breath control vs. respiratory control required.

Sip or Puff Replacement Tubes

Replacement tubes for the sip or puff switch.

Sip or Puff Replacement Cable

Replacement cable for the sip or puff switch.
Mounting Accessories available
Source: Lifeline Access | Philips Lifeline ®


The North Carolina Assistive Technology Program (NCATP) leads North Carolina's efforts to carry out the federal Assistive Technology Act of 2004. We promote independence for people with disabilities through access to technology. Visit our website at
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