MusicGlove Helps Stroke Patients Use Their Hands Again
Musical Glove

Musical Glove

Friedman hopes to change that with MusicGlove, a wearable computing device designed to help patients improve their fine motor skills. The glove is outfitted with tiny sensors that track the user’s hand movements. Patients use it to play a Guitar Hero-style game that involves pinching and gripping notes on the screen of a tablet. via Musical Glove Helps Stroke Patients Use Their Hands Again | WIRED.


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4 Responses to MusicGlove Helps Stroke Patients Use Their Hands Again

  1. carla louise says:

    is this actually an intervention being implemented in practice now in the USA?
    do you know if this is something that is being tried in UK?

    • NCATP says:

      I am not sure about examples of implementation in the UK but I have consulted the manufacturer and will get back to you.

  2. Ann Remington says:

    I would love to know if they are doing any studies with kids with fine motor skill deficits.

    • NCATP says:

      Hi Ann,
      Although there appear to be no studies with children, the company indicated that the following facilities were conducting trials of the product with children. Lurie’s Childrens Hospital of Chicago and Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa .

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