Record the motion symptoms of disorders like Parkinsons Disease
Personal KinetiGraph™  detects movement

Personal KinetiGraph™

Global Kinetics Corporation with researchers from the Florey Neuroscience Institute, presents the Personal KinetiGraph™ (PKG™) movement recording. The PKG™ Data Logger is a wrist worn device, that looks like a wristwatch, that automatically records movement data to assist Doctors in their diagnosis and treatment of the symptoms of movement disorders. The Personal KinetiGraph™ (PKG™) movement recordingThe PKG™ Data Logger is worn like a wrist watch and features a vibrating reminder of when patients should register that they have taken their levodopa medication as prescribed by their Doctor. It is worn continuously over 6 to 10 days in the home environment during the activities of daily living, during which time it uses an accelerometer to automatically record movement data. This data enables a report to be created for the Neurologist showing the kinematics of symptoms of movement disorders and the timing of levodopa medication for compliance monitoring.Having an objective record of the movement symptoms assists the Doctor’s understanding of the nature and progression of the disease.  On assessment of the movement recording the Doctor may change the treatment: type, amount or timing of the medication, or recommend an advanced therapy, such as deep brain stimulation. The Personal KinetiGraph™ - cutting edge technology being used by Doctors to help improve the quality of life for sufferers of movement disorders.
Source: Record the motion symptoms of disorders like Parkinsons Disease
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Polymer Braille | Tactile Display for the Visually Impaired

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Polymer Braille logo Tactile Display for the Visually Impaired

Polymer Braille

Tactile Display for the Visually Impaired. Polymer Braille’s full page refreshable Braille display enables gains in educating visually impaired populations by connecting them to digital information via a refreshable, multi-line Braille e-Reader device. This impacts education, employability, and quality of life for visually impaired populations. Our device will enable the visually impaired to browse Facebook, search Google, or swipe over to work on complex Excel spreadsheets. PBI will bridge the gap between the digital world and the visually impaired Contact Polymer Braille
Tactile Display for the Visually Impaired

Polymer Braille Device

Besides this awesome news, we're working on building a telecommunications tool for deaf and blind folks who need to contact 911. If you or someone you know is deaf and blind, we would like to get in touch with them later in the summer to interact with our device. Spring 2016 Semi-Finalist Press Release
Source: Polymer Braille
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Capacita | DIYAbility
Capacita | Accessible Game Controller with playstation console

Capacita | Accessible Game Controller

What is Capacita? Capacita is an accessible game controller that uses your computer to play video games. People who can access their computer, but may not have the use of their hands, can use Capacita to play console games with their mouse, keyboard or other computer access assistive technology. The Controller Circuit Capacita connects to your game console like an ordinary game controller. No batteries are required, it is powered by the USB port on the PS3 or Xbox. Communication to your PC or Mac via Bluet
Source: Capacita | DIYAbility
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Professional Web Accessibility Auditing Made Easy |Ryerson University

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Profession Web Accessibility Auditing Made Easy Ryerson University

Free Course Ryerson University

There is increasing demand within many businesses for Web accessibility auditing expertise, but there is a shortage of necessary knowledge and skills. Professional Web Accessibility Auditing Made Easy – a new course developed by Ryerson University’s G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, in partnership with the Government of Ontario’s EnAbling Change Program – will help web content editors and web developers to quickly build the knowledge, skills, and practical experience needed to effectively support an organization’s web accessibility compliance efforts. Join our expert instructors, who will share their years of experience in inclusive web design, and learn about a wide range of topics including:
  • Technical and Non-Technical Aspects of Accessibility Auditing
  • Web Accessibility Guidelines and Standards
  • Types of Web Accessibility Audits
  • Automated Review Tools
  • Assistive Technology Testing
  • Web Accessibility Reporting
  • User Testing
Source: Professional Web Accessibility Auditing Made Easy
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Marty’s Blindfold Games

Blindfold Left and Right app

Blindfold Left and Right

Blindfold Games creates audio games for visually impaired people, with dozens of games for the iPhone, iPad and iPod.  Enjoyed by thousands of people worldwide, the games are so popular because they are fun, appeal to all ages, and they just feel “right”.  The suite includes casino games like Blackjack and Bingo, card games like Crazy Eights and Rummy, puzzle games like Simon and Color Crush,
Blindfold Color Crush app

Blindfold Color Crush

TV games similar to Wheel of Fortune and Word
Blindfold Racer App

Blindfold Racer

Ladder, and active games like Bowling, Pong and Pinball.
Podcasts of Blindfold Games on Applevis
Source: Marty's Blindfold Games
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TDI – Google Awards TDI Two-Year Grant for Project in Web-Based Captioning Services

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Low Cost Captioning Services

Low Cost Captioning Services

Telecommunications for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Inc. (TDI), is pleased to announce its receipt of Google’s $500,000 Impact Challenge/Disabilities two-year grant for a project to create scalable access to affordable, accessible, and accurate captions for any live event by combining available speech-to-text technology with real-time caption corrections made by event-designated peers in addition to caption streaming via the internet. TDI will subcontract with IDEAL Group, Inc. to develop the platform for the project. IDEAL will be using an open source code base to integrate the functionalities of using speech-to-text technology to generate and stream a live caption feed that can be corrected by event-designated participants. The web-based prototype is accessible using Android, iOS, and Windows-based mobile devices, as well as any computer equipped with a browser, speech recognition capabilities, and a microphone. When completed, the platform will offer the world’s first multilingual, speech-driven, cross-platform, real-time captioning/caption correction services.
Source: TDI – Google Awards TDI Two-Year Grant for Project in Web-Based Captioning Services
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Home – Click2speak
 Click2Speak offers an innovative on-screen keyboard, powered by Swiftkey’s revolutionary technology, catering to disabled individuals who cannot use a standard keyboard, enabling easy communication and access to PC applications. Easy to use, accurate, fast! Click2Speak was founded in 2013 with the vision of revolutionizing the way individuals with severe physical impairments communicate. Focused on its vision to empower people through a new on screen keyboard, Click2Speak works in close collaboration with end users andprofessionals to offer a cutting-edge assistive technology on screen keyboard.
It all started in 2009 when Gal, the driving force behind this inspiring project, was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease).
Source: Home - Click2speak
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iCircles App – Social Safety For iOS – Available on iPad

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iCircles App on iPad

iCircles App

The iCircles App Teaches Social Skills
The iCircles App Teaches Social Distance and Abuse Protection Through a Fun, Interactive method that keeps kids of all ages engaged. Now you can teach the circle paradigm in the classroom , at home and alongside the other circles materials.
Circles Programs on ipad

Circles Programs

Communication iCircles teaches to recognize recognize and practice boundary limits for healthy mutual relationships.
Identification of Relationships identifies key differences between people in our life, like community helpers, professionals, and complete strangers.
Changing Levels of Trust illustrate different levels of trust as people progress through our lives, and teach how to appropriately address different relationships.
Abuse Prevention iCircles teaches abuse prevention techniques and how to identify signs of abuse such as exploitation, inappropriate touch, and more.
Beautiful Touch Interface Our touch interface, adapted from the Circles paradigm, allows for a new teaching experience not available before.
Take PhotosAdd photos of real people in your life. Teach Circles the you want to teach it. Add real people, to your Circles with the touch of the screen!
Multiple UsersTeach multiple users the Circles paradigm. Now an entire classroom can enjoy the iCircles app and gain the benefits of the program.
iOSNow you can teach the iCircles app from anywhere, with anybody. Available for download in the App store for your iPad.
Source: iCircles App - Social Safety For iOS - Available on iPad
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Tech Toolbox™
Welcome to The Tech Toolbox™ The Arc's Tech Toolbox™ is a place to find, share, rate and review technology for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD).
Post New Tools graphic

Post New Tools

New apps, devices and websites are emerging every day. Post descriptions of new technology products, so that others can learn about them.
Review and Decide on New Tools graphic

Review and Decide on New Tools

REVIEW TOOLS Decide what technology products might work for you or a person with I/DD in your life, by learning from the reviews, ratings and stories of others.

The Arc is building a search and recommendation tool to help people with cognitive disabilities find the right technology to reach their goals.


More than 20M people in the United States have a cognitive disability. The number of apps and assistive technologies available to support this population is growing rapidly, but the outcomes they promise are rarely backed by evidence, and it is difficult to match the right tool to the unique and evolving needs the individual.


The Arc will build a web platform that uses profile data and expert reviews to help people with cognitive disabilities and their support networks easily identify the technologies that are most likely to produce positive outcomes based on evidence from people with similar profiles. Source: Tech Toolbox™
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Automatic Alternative Text – Facebook Accessibility
iPhone Reading Facebook Photo

iPhone Reading Facebook Photo

Facebook accessibility specialist and engineer Matt King lost his vision completely in college. When he joined our accessibility team after more than 20 years in the accessibility field, one of the projects he was most excited to work on centered on using object recognition technology to automatically describe photos for people who are not able to see those photos. Today, with our launch of automatic alternative text, we're taking an important step towards achieving that goal.
Facebook Accessibility on iPhone

Facebook Accessibility on iPhone

Automatic alternative text, or automatic alt text, is a new feature that generates a description of a photo through object recognition technology for someone who cannot see the photo. Before today, people who are visually impaired could only hear the name of the person who posted the photo as they scrolled past photos on Facebook. Now, if they're using a screen reader on iOS, they'll hear a richer description of the photo thanks to automatic alt text. For example, for a group photo on the beach, a person using a screen reader on iOS would now hear, “This image may contain: Three people, smiling, outdoors.” We are rolling this out in English over the next few weeks and will add more languages and platforms soon.
Source: (2) Automatic Alternative Text - Facebook Accessibility
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