Biometric Wristbands Predict Outbursts in People with Autism

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Biometric Wristbands

Biometric Wristbands

Wristbands that measure surface skin temperature and heart rate could transform the lives of people with autism by predicting big behavioral shifts, Wearable technology can be used to measure a wide range of biometric signals. Biometric wristbands that can "see inside" the bodies of people with autism and predict dramatic behaviour changes could be commercially available within two to five years.Dr Matthew Goodwin, an expert on wearable bio sensors in autistic patients, claims that the ability to measure minute physiological changes such as surface skin temperature and heart rate could transform the lives of people with autism. Together with his team at Boston's Northeastern University, Dr Goodwin is working with a lightweight wristband, similar to a watch, which measures four physiological signals – heart rate, surface skin temperature, sweating, and three dimensional movements of the limb that is wearing the sensor.
Source: Biometric wristbands predict outbursts in people with autism - Telegraph
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OptiKey Eye-Tracking On-Screen Keyboard
Optikey On-Screen Keyboard in high contrast black and white versions

Optikey On-Screen Keyboard

OptiKey is an assistive on-screen keyboard which runs on Windows. It is designed to be used with a low cost eye-tracking device to bring keyboard control, mouse control and speech to people with motor and speech limitations, such as people living with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) / Motor Neuron Disease (MND). It works out of the box once you have your eye-tracking device installed and allows selections to be made using dwell selection, as well as physical buttons and assistive devices.
Source: Optikey
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3d Printing News | Handicapped kitten walks again

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Cassidy the kitten in wheelchair donated by Handicapped Pets Canada.

Cassidy | wheelchair donated by Handicapped Pets Canada.

Having brought Cassidy back to a healthy condition, Roche then wanted to help him with his handicap. She saw that he was “trapped in this little body that wasn’t working.” In order to help she created a makeshift sling to support his back legs, but this did not prove so successful. In an effort to find a solution to little Cassidy’s problem, Roche put a call out on her website for any ideas or help she could get. This is where Josh Messmer and Isaiah Walker, two high school students from Walnut Grove Secondary School, came in. Having seen the plea for help and being impacted by Cassidy’s story, the two set out to create a device to help the kitten become mobile. Source: - Handicapped kitten walks again thanks to 3D printed wheelchair built by two students | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News
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Tinitell Wristphone – Security a Priority
Tinitell Watch

Tinitell Wristphone

Tinitell Wristphone - Security a priority


Phone calls made simple


Positioning with GPS

  Source: Tinitell - Wristphone for Kids
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The Best Note-Taking App for Android

Google Keep for Note Taking

Google Keep for Note-Taking

Google Keep is the perfect balance between a basic note-taking app and a full-fledged notebook system like Evernote. If all you want is a quick place to scribble some text, Keep has you covered without making you jump through hoops. You can easily add regular text notes, or quick to-do lists without having to create whole notebooks or organization schemes.If you want more, however, Keep has a ton of functionality buried beneath the surface. You can attach a voice recording or photo to your notes (though only one each), color code and label them for easy filtering, and even share them with others so everyone has the same information. You can also set reminders in Keep that work just like Google Now reminders, so you won’t forget that errand you scribbled down.
Source: The Best Note-Taking App for Android
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SignBook | Software for Hearing Impaired
SignBook the sign language dictionary


SignBook is a platform for teachers to create a local database of animations depicting a sign. It was specifically launched for teachers at Mathru Center's Free School for Hearing Impaired Children in Bangalore, India. Although ample reference material exists for teaching American Sign Language, developer Erik Pintar noted that there are more than 300 other documented sign languages without such supports.
This fifth-year senior in human-computer interaction and electrical and computer engineering worked with the Mathru teachers to create a program that would allow them to make a custom video dictionary of the local sign language, Kannada, in order to support new teachers and staff in learning the language too. SignBook includes the ability to capture sign videos and relevant pictures for each entry and categorize entries by topic and is usable by any teacher who wants to create a dictionary for any sign language.
Source: Carnegie Mellon Students Release Ed Software for Hearing Impaired
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BATBAND | Bone Conduction Headphones

Powered by iSpeech
BATBAND™ works via bone conduction, consisting of transducers that emit sound waves perceived by your "private" inner ear, thus freeing your "social" outer ear. Sound waves are transmitted at a frequency that can be conducted through the bones of the skull. Your ears remain free, therefore you get to hear twice as much, without compromising on comfort, quality or style. 3 transducers emitting sound waves are incorporated in the product: two touching the sides of your head (temporal bone) and one at the back of your head (occipital bone). Furthermore, its discreet use means that any vocal content you receive is nearly inaudible to outsiders.
Source:  Batban Kickstarter Campaign
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Homer Player | Audiobook Player for Android

Text to Speech
Homer Player is an audiobook player for the elderly. Its simple user interface makes it easy to operate by seniors and by people with poor vision (or both). Features: - geared towards audiobook playback: folder-based navigation, folder name is the title and subfolders are treated as part of the same book (useful for books that come on multiple CDs), - low-vision friendly interface: book titles are read aloud and high contrast, large UI elements are used, - flip-to-stop: there's no need to press any buttons
Source: Homer Player - Android Apps on Google Play
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Type Fu Mac App | Teach You How to Type Fast
Type Fu App interface

Type Fu App

Type Fu is an app that will teach you how to type fast. The right way. The app is suitable for all age groups and skill levels. You can be a beginner, intermediate or advanced typist. Even if you took typing classes before, but it never sank in, Type Fu will help you refresh your skills and take them to the next stage instantly. • UNIVERSAL. The app is suitable for all age groups and skill levels. You can be a beginner, intermediate or advanced typist. Even if you took typing classes before, but it never sank in, Type Fu will help you refresh your skills and take them to the next stage instantly. • PACKED WITH ENGAGING EXERCISES. Type Fu is fun to use! Lessons vary from simple letters, numbers and words to proverbs and quotes of great thinkers of the past. Basic lessons (letters, numbers, words) are generated programatically so that you will never see the same exercise twice. • MULTIPLE LEVELS OF DIFFICULTY. Should you start from the very beginning, or do you want to just polish your type-fu a tad? Figure out your initial skill level and start practicing right away, until your fingers are a blur! • MULTIPLE KEYBOARD LAYOUTS. English language users can choose between following layouts: Qwerty, Dvorak, Colemak, Workman, Norman, Qwertz, Azerty. German language users can choose between: German Qwertz and Swiss Qwertz layouts.
Source: Type Fu on the Mac App Store
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Talkin’ Pictures on Google Play and Amazon Apps

Talkin Pictures app logo


Talkin' Pictures on Google Play and Amazon Apps

For children or Adults who are non verbal, Autistic or who otherwise struggle to communicate. Designed to be: • Simple to use • Responsive • Customisable • Educational • Practical • Compatible with phones and tablets • Free to try A fully customisable communication app for anyone who has difficulty communicating non verbally. This app leads to a more structured way of forming a sentence, so each word suggests what the next word would be. eg "I want" leads to food, drink, people, places etc. "I want" "a person" leads to Dad, Mum, Teacher each with their own photo The sentence then becomes "I want Mum" In this app every image can changed. You can select the image from your gallery, downloads or photograph an existing image or item. So you can make it match existing symbols the child is used to using and photographs of the actual people or item the child knows. The size of the list is also limited to eight icons to a page to make it nice and easy to see all the options. Use photographs or images which are familiar to the user. Long click ANY icon to edit it's picture or text. Text spoken. All text user configurable. Comes with sample/starter set of images, menus and phrases. Communication can be kept simple for younger children or those of limited ability and grow as their ability grows. User selectable languages or the app will adapt to the phone default language. Source: TalkinPictures on Google Play TalkinPictures on Amazon Apps
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