Step by Step Instruction for Self Care Tasks | OT’s with Apps & Technology
  The Center for Educational Technology, dedicates it’s services to education for the 21st Century. Among their projects are special needs apps,  with  “I Do” apps focusing on step by step instruction for self care tasks. Their apps provide video modeling, an evidence based practice¹ for individuals with autism to assist with learning the sequences of self care tasks.
Source: Apps for ADL Training | OT's with Apps & Technology
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Zebreda Makes It Work | RESNA DIY Contest

Zebreda Dunham

Zebreda Dunham

Zebreda Dunham was recently awarded 1st Place Prize in the 2015 RESNA DIY Contest . The DIY contest—organized by RESNA’s International Assistive Technology Special Interest Group (SIG) and sponsored by Whirlwind Wheelchairs—is designed to promote awareness and access, especially in developing countries where AT is not commercially available or affordable, and to promote low-cost DIY assistive technology worldwide. Zebreda’s winning entry is her design for the Key Turner. Congratulations Zebreda!
Source: Zebreda Makes It Work | Assistive Technology & Creativity
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Smart glasses | RNIB | Supporting people with sight loss

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smart glasses on consumer

Smart Glasses

RNIB Smart glasses help wearers to identify shapes, determine distance, and are able to detect objects up to three metres away.Our smart glasses have:a transparent display - lenses appear clear to others and allow eyes to be seen.two cameras at the front of the glasses which mimic the location of your eyes to determine distance (stereoscopic vision).the ability to be adjusted to suit different eye conditions.night vision - smart glasses work both during day and night!
Source: Smart glasses | RNIB | Supporting people with sight loss
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Google Impact Challenge | Universal Access for People with Disabilities

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To build awareness, identify solutions and help create universal access for people with disabilities.
 An open invitation to aim our collective might at creating real, impactful change.
Child with 3D Printer Hand

3D Printer Hand

One cause. One focus. Everyone in.

At Google, we like trying to solve big problems. The Google Impact Challenge, through innovation and everyday efforts, serves to organize and rally action around one issue on a global scale at an accelerated timeline.

Source: Google Impact Challenge | Disabilities
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Apple TV Supports Close Captions

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Accessibility in Apple TV interface

Accessibility in Apple TV

You probably know that Apple TV supports close captions, but did you also know that you can customize the close captions on your Apple TV to suit your needs exactly?
Source: Custom Closed Captions With Your Apple TV | ATMac
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The Best List of Behavioral Apps | Apps for Kids with Social/Emotional Needs

Between the Lines app interface

Between the Lines App

NESCA Director of Behavioral Services and "Behavior Code" author, the very formidable (and famous) Jessica Minahan, created this incredible list of 150+ helpful apps for kids with social/emotional needs, including;
  • Self-regulation
  • Self-monitoring
  • Behavioral data collection
  • Executive function support
  • Mood tracking
  • Depression
  • Biofeedback
  • Positive thinking
  • Social Skills
  • Meditation
  • Self-calming
  Source: NESCA News & Notes: The Best List of Behavioral Apps EVAH!
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GrayMatters App | Preserve Past Memories
grey matter app interface

Gray Matter App

The app aids patients and families preserve past memories, as well as today’s moments. Gray Matter – Reaching Beyond Dementia app (free with in-app purchases) is described as an interactive life storybook, paired with music & games.  The developers believe ” that people with dementia are “still here,” as Grey Matters taps into the abilities that remain to keep individuals engaged andconnected.” There are many story telling apps that have recording, video, picture and text features, however this app appears specially suited for individuals with dementia.
Memory Cards in the Gray Matters app

Memory Cards

The Huffington Post ” GrayMatter App Aims to Help People Connect to Love Ones Suffering from Dementia” provides more background information and resources on dementia that is worth reading.
Source: OT's with Apps & Technology 
frog tipping its hat

Thanks to OT with Apps for the Tip!

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Supports for language learning | All-in-One-Visual-Support Tool

Tabi Jones-Wohleber

Tabi Jones-Wohleber

I am constantly in awe of the creativity and generosity of AAC practitioners, particularly those like Tabi Jones-Wohleber who make fabulous materials and share them with colleagues that they’ve never even met. Tabi is an SLP on the AT Team for Frederick County Public Schools in Maryland.  A graduate of Penn State University, her career has focused on AAC.  Though she works with many schools and addresses a variety of AT needs, most of her time and creative energy is devoted to working with students with the most significant disabilities.  In this post, she introduces us to the All-in-One-Visual-Support Tool. You wont want to miss Tabi’s treasure trove of prAACtical materials.
If/Then Communication Board

If/Then Communication Board

Source: PrAACtical AAC | Supports for language learning
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Bilateral Arm Amputee Puts on Prosthesis – Uses Dressing Tree – YouTube
For bilateral arm amputees, doing regular daily tasks without assistance from another person is very challenging. A device called a "dressing tree" makes it possible for bilateral amputees to get dressed or put on prosthetic arms independently. In this video segment, John Mitchell (Texas) and Hank Esmond (Indiana) demonstrate how a dressing tree helps them get dressed and ready for the day. Specializing in the latest technology in upper extremity prosthetics worldwide, Advanced Arm Dynamics works with arm amputees, hand amputees, finger amputees. We work with the Michelangelo hand, bebionic 3, i-limb ultra, i-limb digits and upper limb prosthetics for children. New technologies have transformed artificial limbs into robotic arms and robotic hands, bionic arms and bionic hands, sports prostheses, work-out prostheses and electric fingers. Source:  Dressing Tree on YouTube
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Blind Girl Applies Makeup | YouTube Tutorials

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Blind Girl Applies Makeup

Lucy Edwards is a 19 year old who lost vision in her right eye when she was 11 and left eye two years ago because of a rare genetic disorder called Incontinentia Pigmenti. Lucy has a great fashion sense and is very much into fashion, make up and being a social butterfly. Not being able to do her makeup anymore after her vision loss was somewhat of a setback. However, to stay positive and  to continue to do what she loved, she learned to do make up without a mirror! She didn't stop there though - along with her boyfriend, she recently started a youtube channel called yesterday's wishes where she shows both blind and sighted people how to apply make up in a very detailed manner, gives her opinions about  make up products, and shares several tips and tricks that are especially helpful for blind people.
Source: Assistive Technology Blog
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