TrackR Item Locator
TrackR device pictured as a key fob


TrackR item locator fits in your wallet or attaches to your keys and pairs with your iPhone or Android to let you locate either device when one gets misplaced. Sync multiple TrackR fobs to one phone.
Source: TrackR 
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Flip Writer AAC|Two Displays
FlipWriter App Logo

FlipWriter AAC App

Flip Writer lets you type a message on the keyboard, and this message is displayed on two displays, one facing you and a second outfacing display for your communication partner(s).It includes powerful Word Prediction that helps you type much faster than normal. Flip Writer also leverages the built in iOS Text-to-Speech engine via convenient access to the "Speak Selection" feature. The outfacing display is designed to be viewed at a shallow angle and stretches the text vertically to accommodate this. You can increase the text size easily with a few taps. You can also save and store your favorite and most common phrases and sentences. It's a simple but powerful AAC app that was inspired by the Lightwriter. It is invaluable in noisy environments, where Text-to-Speech will not work well. It is also a much faster and more discrete way to communicate compared to TTS.
Source: Flip Writer AAC on the App Store on iTunes
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Inclusive Furniture

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6 seater  picnic table with two wheelchair accessible spaces

Inclusive Furniture

Not along ago we noticed that in our local park there was adequate seating for the non-disabled but none for the wheelchair-user, the more we looked the more we saw a complete lack of effort in complying with regulations and laws specifically brought in to counter this ignorance and discrimination. We decide to act, our plan was:
  • Design furniture with the wheelchair-user in mind
  • Act within both the Disability Act and the Equality Act
  • Provide quality products for non-disabled and disabled alike.
  • Consider the elderly
  • Make the products affordable
  • Make rental to events an option
  • Use sustainable products where possible
Source: Inclusive Furniture
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DURHAM: Duke fits first patient in state history with ‘bionic eye’
Eye Surgeon Paul Hahn at a computer

Eye Surgeon Paul Hahn

The $145,000 device, called the Argus II, was approved by the FDA early in 2013. Surgeons have implanted them in just six other people in the United States and a few dozen elsewhere in the world. Technically, it’s a “retinal prosthesis system,” but it’s often called a bionic eye. On Wednesday, Duke University eye surgeon Paul Hahn cut a slit in Hester’s left eyeball and slipped in a tiny panel of electrodes, the internal part of the first robotic eye ever implanted in North Carolina.
Video at Time Warner Cable News:
Source: DURHAM: Duke fits first patient in state history with 'bionic eye' | Durham County |
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TriLoc | Mobile Personal Emergency Response Solution
wristwatch-like TriLoc Personal Locator

TriLOC Personal Locator

The next generation of Mobile Personal Emergency Response Solution  (mPERS) is here with the new TriLOC personal locator!
  • A simple and easy way to talk with those you care about
  • The ability to locate your loved ones at anytime
  • Wireless Security and Home Health Monitoring Interface
  • The ability to go anywhere in the world…and still be in touch
  • Automatic notifications of a loved one who has fallen
Source: Smart Homes and Businesses
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XMind for Windows – Mind Map Software
Image of XMind software in Windows

XMind for Windows

XMind mind map software for Windows It's an all-in-one package with all features of XMind, XMind Pro, and XMind Plus. You can use Pro/Plus features after purchasing XMind Pro/Plus and entering your license key.
Source: Download XMind for Windows - XMind: The Most Professional Mind Map Software
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iOS 8’s Increased Accessibility: An assistive technology specialist’s perspective!

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iOS 8 logo

Apple iOS 8

In June, I saw a blog post about the upcoming iOS 8 update and was excited to see increased accessibility for the disability world. There are quite a few new features that have me excited for the possibilities for accessibilities. Read on to see what I'm looking forward to adding to my iPad and a few other cool extra features, too!
Source: Smart Apps For Special Needs: iOS 8's Increased Accessibility: An assistive technology specialist's perspective!
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AUTOTREAT | Dog Treat Dispenser
picture of the AutoTreat dog treat dispenser

AutoTreat Dog Treat Dispenser

Dog treat dispenser for a person with quadriplegia  called the AutoTreat . Henry Evans, a mute quadriplegic, was unable to interact with his dog, Amber. An Australian High School Robotics class offered to build him a remote control electric dog feeder he could trigger with his head.   Special thanks to the Inaburra School, Year II in Sydney, Australia and their instructor, Adrienne Erwin.
Source: AUTOTREAT - YouTube
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The Listening Program — Waves
Waves Device Headphones and player

WAVES device and the Listening Program

Get the most from your listening with Waves™, the multi-sensory audio system optimized for The Listening Program.Waves enhances the delivery of SPECTRUM, ACHIEVE, LEVEL ONE and inTime by using the two natural modes of hearing—through your ears (air conduction) and through your head (bone conduction)— offering a deeper, more immersive listening experience than conventional headphones can provide. Not only does the Waves system make your daily listening more enjoyable, it accelerates and expands the benefits of your listening practice!With Waves™, we've re-imagined what's possible. Our newest bone conduction headphone system is more effective than ever, and it has been custom-designed especially for The Listening Program®. With a larger bone conductor, a more powerful amplifier, and robust components, Waves' gentle vibrations and pure sound will transport you and your family from the moment you start listening.
Source: The Listening Program — Waves
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Co:Writer Universal | Word Prediction Software
CoWriter Word Prediction software had become a universal product that is compatible with devices like the iPad and Chromebook! Writing comes from the human desire to communicate—to take an idea and express it in words. But for some students, the words don’t come out right. There’s a wall between the idea and writing it out. Grammar and spelling get in the way. Word recall is a barrier. This is where Co:Writer comes in. It breaks down that wall between the idea and the words to express the idea.
Source: Don Johnston Inc. | Co:Writer Universal
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