Next Dollar Up | App for Money Management Strategy
Next Dollar Up Starting page

Next Dollar Up

Next Dollar Up is a widely utilized special education teaching strategy for those with special needs to develop independence in money management using a whole dollar amount concept. It involves looking at an item price and rounding up to the next dollar to make the purchase.
Next Dollar Up Success Window!

Next Dollar Up Success Window!

Based on customer feedback, Next Dollar Up has been taken to the next level to include more challenging settings for dollar amounts up to $50 and an option for utilizing an Alternate Currency which includes a $1 gold coin.
Source: Next Dollar Up on the App Store
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Tablet Holder with 14

Tablet Holder with 14" Arm and Spring Clamp

The tabX™ Tablet Holder works great with the Apple iPad, Apple iPad Mini, Microsoft Surface including the Surface 3 Pro, Samsung Galaxy, Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, and most tablets/e-readers from Sony, Asus, Lenovo, Google, Acer, Toshiba, Dell, and more! Designed for tablets measuring diagonally up to 14.25" (362mm) and .375" (9.5mm) deep. Order the optional Deep V-Tabs for tablets with skins/cases up to .75" deep. A great solution for holding your tablet on a desk, table, tray, wheelchair, counter, bed, and more. Depending on your application, we recommend
Two Armed Tablet Holder

Two Armed Tablet Holder

two arm configurations to hold up a device that weighs between 1-2 lbs. Single arm designs are popular because of the minimal space it takes up but keep the arm short and vertical so that it can safely hold your device.
Source: - Tablet and Device Solutions
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Gyroglove | Tremor Stabilizing Device


The GyroGlove is a small, lightweight daily use, indoors and outdoors.
Underside of Gyroglove

Underside of Gyroglove

We seek to track tremors each time the GyroGlove is used, thus providing quantifiable data for that will better inform users, their family and their doctors. The singular focus of the GyroGlove is to return independence and freedom. Engineered to withstand the elements, and designed for utter simplicity – the GyroGlove will be your helping hand.
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Source: Gyroglove | GyroGear
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Active Controls | Mounting the Joystick at Midline

chinese tts

The Platform to Re-deploy a Joystick at Midline

The ReJoy platform features pressure relieving gel pads that are adjustable by height, width and even pitch. With additional Center Drive System sockets, the same joystick can be driven from the side of the seat, or in the attendant position behind the seat.The ReJoy allows people to utilize a more natural driving experience on their power wheelchair, similar to the centered drive location of a steering wheel on a car.The ReJoy utilizes the
Joystick Controller Midline Mount

Joystick Controller Midline Mount

joystick hand control (and power module) of the power wheelchair's original electronics.The socket, mast, and pad cap assembly of a ReJoy can be billed as K0108 miscelleneous. The mounting bracket can be billed as E1028.
Source: Rejoy Information - Active Controls
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Using Apps for Memory Training | Introducing Memory Strategies

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Memory App (Do You Remember?)

Memory App (Do You Remember?)

Augmenting Memory Apps

Augmenting Memory App

The literature on the effectiveness of memory training in acquired brain injury is mixed, but there is some evidence that training memory strategies in people with mild impairments can improve functional outcomes.  Search the App Store for "memory" and you'll find an assortment of apps that recreate the children's matching card game "Memory." So with a focus on strategies, of what use are these memory game apps in neurological rehabilitation?One use for a game app that recreates a familiar game or task is to get clients comfortable with using the iPad. Before you train them to enter events into an electronic calendar or introduce more complicated tasks, simple games help build rapport in therapy between the client and both the clinician and the device.  Playing a memory matching game such as Awesome Memory (free for iPad) is easy for technophobes - a simple touch turns over the card to reveal beautiful artwork of various fruits (expansion packs available). This particular app is useful for the
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multi-player mode, allowing clients to compete against clinicians (who may or may not try as hard they can) and the range of 12-30 cards per game.
Source: Speaking of Apps : Introducing Memory Strategies
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Turtlebot | low-cost, personal robot kit
TurtleBot is a low-cost, personal robot kit with open-source software. With TurtleBot, you’ll be able to build a robot that can drive around your house, see in 3D, and have enough horsepower to create exciting applications. Hardware The main hardware includes: Kobuki Base Asus Xion Pro Live Netbook (ROS Compatible) Kinect Mounting Hardware TurtleBot Structure TurtleBot Module Plate with 1 inch Spacing Hole Pattern Software The robotic software development environment includes: An SDK for the TurtleBot A development environment for the desktop Libraries for visualization, planning, and perception, control and error handling. Demo applications Source: Turtlebot
Turtlebot Robot

Turtlebot Robot

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Keyboarding Without Tears
App for the iPad This app provides access to the Keyboarding Without Tears K-5 curriculum. The Keyboarding Without Tears K-5 curriculum features: • Effective, game-based activities • Pre-keyboarding and touch typing lessons • Developmentally appropriate lessons by grade • Easy online progress monitoring • Digital literacy, digital citizenship and general computer readiness • Strong English Language Arts connections
Keyboarding without Tears Activity

Keyboarding without Tears Activity

We make it easy to teach the foundation skills students need to succeed with today’s classroom work and online testing. Builds touch typing fluency and speed. Includes general computer readiness and digital citizenship skills, too! Web-based, compatible with PC/Mac computers, Chromebooks, iPads, and tablets Configures to various roster management and SSO solutions.
Source: Keyboarding Without Tears
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National Cristina Foundation Veterans Resource Guide » National Cristina Foundation
Veterans Computer Resource Guide
The Veterans Resource Guide provides information and resources to enable veterans to use computers more effectively. Choose from the 9 areas of concern below to see potential solutions to problems faced by veterans. I need help with...
  1. I need computer related resources to help me better control the computer.
  2. I need computer related resources to help me work with numbers.
  3. I have a hearing loss and need computer related resources to help me.
  4. I need help accessing a computer because I have low vision or am blind.
  5. I find it challenging to operate the computer's keyboard or the mouse.
  6. I need to learn more about how computers work and manage information.
  7. I need computer related resources to help keep me on track.
  8. I get frustrated when reading text on a computer screen.
  9. I get frustrated with my writing skills on a computer.
Source: National Cristina Foundation Veterans Resource Guide » National Cristina Foundation
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Tips for Specific Disabilities | disabilityfeast
man and women cooking in the kitchen

Adapted Cooking

Tips for Specific Disabilities

We have a lot of general information on this site, but we also understand that different disabilities lend themselves better toward different cooking, shopping, and eating styles. The “Tip Sheets” tab is made for quick and easy dissemination of information. We have tips of many different types that you can easily print or email to friends. The idea is to provide you with something short and sweet that you will be able to commit to memory or try out on a weekly or even daily basis.
Turntable or Lazy Susan

A Turntable or Lazy Susan puts things within reach.

Man turning dials at stovetop.

Stovetop allows for smooth transition of pots to the countertop.

Long Arm Grabber

Long arm grabber for easy access to items on high shelves.

Other accessible kitchen tools and devices. Accessible tools Source: Tips for Specific Disabilities | disabilityfeast
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EnPathia | Accurate Pointer Control
Enpathia Band

Enpathia Head Band

The EnPathia system can be attached to any part of the body for accurate pointer control. With subtle muscle movements in the head, arms, wrist, legs, wherever is comfortable, EnPathia allows for smooth natural movement of the mouse cursor, keyboard strokes and whatever
Enpathia Wrist Band

Enpathia Wrist Band

device access you need. Compatible with Grid 3 and The Grid 2 Accurate device access for those with limited mobility
Source: EnPathia -
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