Portable Eye Examination Kit

Peek – the Portable Eye Examination Kit - makes eye tests affordable and easy anywhere in the world. Donate one to a clinic in need through our partners Médecins Sans Frontières and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness. Around 39 million people are blind. 80% of this blindness is avoidable, but in many regions people don't have access to eye care. Existing eye exam equipment is heavy, expensive, fragile and difficult to use. It’s not built to travel, it can feel intrusive, and it needs a reliable supply of electricity to work.
Source: Professional eye exams from a phone
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Pinterest site by Ian Bean

Ian Bean Pinterest site

Ian Bean Pinterest site

Multiple resources can be found at this Pinterest site by Ian Bean. There are categories of apps such as cause and effect, communication, literacy and content areas. Resources for training and useful websites for students and teachers are also a part of this thorough Pinterest site.
 SENICT - Training and consultancy for schools on all aspects of ICT and assitive technology for children and young adults with severe and complex difficulties
Source: Ian Bean on Pinterest
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Touch Point Stylus : Turn anything into a iPhone stylus.

Touch Point Stylus applied to a wooden spoon and several different writing tools

Touch Point Stylus

Turn anything into a stylus A compact stylus you can take anywhere. Designed to fit on the end of anything, from pencils to wooden spoons, and turn them into a stylus for your iPhone, iPad or other device. The cartoon gloved hand is the ideal size for popping in your back pocket or chucking in your handbag whilst not in use. Very handy!
Source: Touch Point Stylus : Turn anything into a iPhone stylus.
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Maker uses 3D printing to create eye-tracking wheelchair controller

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Eye-Tracking Wheelchair Controller

Eye-Tracking Wheelchair Controller

UK-based maker Patrick Joyce, who has degenerative condition motor neuron disease (also known as MND or ALS), has created an eye-tracking wheelchair controller that allows a user who has lost all motor functions except for eye movement to be able to control their wheelchair and an onboard computer.
Source: Maker uses 3D printing to create eye-tracking wheelchair
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The Wheelchair Gets a Makeover—and a New Name – WSJ

consumer using wheelchair the leisure fishing activity

Personal Mobility Device

Innovation is coming not just to motorized wheelchairs but to manually operated models, too. Tapping technologies already common in bicycles and motorcycles, newest designs are built with carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum and hybrid plastics to be lean and light but durable.The titanium and aluminum frame of a “rigid” (or nonfolding) wheelchair made by TiLite, a unit of Sweden-based Permobil, weighs a little more than 13 pounds, while the folding wheelchairs seen in short-term use in airports and hospitals weigh 35 to 44 pounds. TiLite uses sophisticated 3-D design software, including SolidWorks, to custom-fit its manual chairs to a customer’s body, says TiLite Vice President of Product Josh Anderson. Among motorized versions, newer designs make it possible for wheelchairs to do things that weren’t possible with older designs. One chair in development, the Scalevo, can climb stairs so that users don’t need to find a ramp or a separate device to maneuver up a stairway.
Source: The Wheelchair Gets a Makeover—and a New Name - WSJ
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Blitab: World’s first tactile tablet is ‘iPad for the blind’

Tactile Tablet

Tactile Tablet

The first-ever braille tablet has been developed, using a new liquid-based technology to create tactile relief outputting braille, graphics and maps for the blind and partially sighted. Austria-based startup Blitab Technology claims the "revolutionary" technology could be used to open up the digital era to the visually impaired, with plans to develop a braille smartphone."We are creating the first tactile tablet for blind and visually impaired people," Slavi Slavev, chief technology officer and co-founder of Blitab Technology, told IBTimes UK at the Hello Tomorrow Conference in Paris. "What we are doing is creating a completely new technology which outputs braille in a completely new and innovative way without any mechanical elements.
Source: Blitab: World's first tactile tablet is 'iPad for the blind'
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Amazon Echo Digital Assistant

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amazon echo digital assistant The Amazon Echo harnesses the power of the internet to become one of the coolest digital assistants found outside of actual smart devices.
  • Information, music, audio books, news, weather, traffic, sports, and more--instantly
  • Controlled by your voice for hands-free convenience
  • Far-field voice recognition hears you from across the room
  • Connected to the cloud so it's always getting smarter 360º omni-directional audio to fill the room with immersive sound
  • Compatible with Belkin WeMo and Philips Hue connected devices to control lights and switches with your voicePlays music from Amazon Music, Prime Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and more
Source: Amazon Echo: Always Ready, Connected, and Fast.
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Soft Robotic Glove | MIT Technology Review

patient wearing a soft robotic glove

Soft Robotic Glove

Engineers at Harvard have developed a soft robotic glove that allows people with limited hand mobility to grasp and pick up objects. The device could help the estimated 6.8 million people in the United States who have hand mobility issues, whether from a degenerative condition, stroke, or old age.
Source: A Robot That Lets Your Hands Do the Grasping | MIT Technology Review
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Customized Golf Car and Dynamic Seat Unveiled at Bobby Jones Classic

child sitting on Customized Golf Car and Dynamic Seat

Customized Golf Car and Dynamic Seat

A team of Georgia Tech undergraduate students watched as their award-winning senior capstone project was unveiled at the start of the Chiari and Syringomyelia Foundation’s (CSF) annual Bobby Jones Golf Classic tournament at historic East Lake Golf Club. Their working prototype, a customized golf car and dynamic seat designed to allow children with disabilities to golf, was demonstrated before a crowd at the start of this charitable tournament. Earlier, the team’s project won the interdisciplinary category at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s spring 2015 Capstone Design Expo, which had 198 teams competing. Team members were: Blair Naples, Matthew Brooks, Jarad Heimer, Alexander Pergakis, and Jackson Thomas. An interdisciplinary team combines two or more academic disciplines or fields of study.
Source: ZyroboticsGolf Car Prototype Unveiled at Bobby Jones Classic - Zyrobotics
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Accessible Educational Materials: Just in Time Basics for Families and Educators

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National Center on Accessible Educational Materials Logo


This webinar is for families and educators new to accessible educational materials. The first half of the session will include an overview of legal issues, the changing language of AEM, a decision-making process for determining which students need for AEM, and steps to take to address their needs. The second half of the session will be devoted to addressing questions and comments from participants. Follow-up resources will be shared.
Source: AEM
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