AUTOTREAT | Dog Treat Dispenser
picture of the AutoTreat dog treat dispenser

AutoTreat Dog Treat Dispenser

Dog treat dispenser for a person with quadriplegia  called the AutoTreat . Henry Evans, a mute quadriplegic, was unable to interact with his dog, Amber. An Australian High School Robotics class offered to build him a remote control electric dog feeder he could trigger with his head.   Special thanks to the Inaburra School, Year II in Sydney, Australia and their instructor, Adrienne Erwin.
Source: AUTOTREAT - YouTube
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The Listening Program — Waves
Waves Device Headphones and player

WAVES device and the Listening Program

Get the most from your listening with Waves™, the multi-sensory audio system optimized for The Listening Program.Waves enhances the delivery of SPECTRUM, ACHIEVE, LEVEL ONE and inTime by using the two natural modes of hearing—through your ears (air conduction) and through your head (bone conduction)— offering a deeper, more immersive listening experience than conventional headphones can provide. Not only does the Waves system make your daily listening more enjoyable, it accelerates and expands the benefits of your listening practice!With Waves™, we've re-imagined what's possible. Our newest bone conduction headphone system is more effective than ever, and it has been custom-designed especially for The Listening Program®. With a larger bone conductor, a more powerful amplifier, and robust components, Waves' gentle vibrations and pure sound will transport you and your family from the moment you start listening.
Source: The Listening Program — Waves
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Co:Writer Universal | Word Prediction Software
CoWriter Word Prediction software had become a universal product that is compatible with devices like the iPad and Chromebook! Writing comes from the human desire to communicate—to take an idea and express it in words. But for some students, the words don’t come out right. There’s a wall between the idea and writing it out. Grammar and spelling get in the way. Word recall is a barrier. This is where Co:Writer comes in. It breaks down that wall between the idea and the words to express the idea.
Source: Don Johnston Inc. | Co:Writer Universal
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CoughDrop – Complex Communication App
Coughdrop web and mobile app interface

CoughDrop Web and Mobile APP

Let's  help those with complex communication needs make their voices heard, using good technology that actually makes things easier and supports everyone in helping the individual succeed.
Source: CoughDrop - Every voice should be heard
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Cursive Writing Wizard – Trace Letters
Cursive writing Wizard Logo

Cursive Writing Wizard

App for kids to learn cursive writing." -  Cursive Writing Wizard is designed to help every child learn how to trace through a fun system carefully designed to maintain motivation. The app is fully customizable to suit every child's needs, and lets you check their progress through a system of reports and profiles.Kids can write letters and words, and you can add your own words with audio.
Source: Cursive Writing Wizard - Trace Letters
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Assistive Technology Awareness Series – AT in Action
Picture of Mason at the Mountbatten brailler

Meet Mason|AT Awareness Series

FCTD and PACER Center  announced the release of our 3rd video in the assistive technology awareness series, AT in Action. In this video, you'll meet Mason, a young boy with vision loss who, with the help of AT, is able to learn reading and writing in the same classroom as his sighted peers. We invite you to view and share this video with your colleagues and the families you serve.
Mason's Mountbatten Brailler
Source: Assistive Technology in Action - Meet Mason - YouTube
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American Sign Language Free Lessons

TTS features American Sign Language free lessons including an ASL dictionary, signing videos, a printable sign language alphabet chart (fingerspelling), Deaf Culture study materials, and resources to help you learn sign language. Good for homeschool students, parents (baby signing), interpreters, and people who just want to learn fun ASL phrases like hello, thank you, I love you, etc.
Source: • ASL • American Sign Language
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TouchPico: Turn Any Surface Into A Touch Screen | Indiegogo

TTS Demo
TouchPico multitouch projection device


A tiny handheld projector that turns any surface into a giant interactive touchscreen. Useful to consumers that benefit from direct selection for device input. This device is currently in development and is featured on Indiegogo. Source: TouchPico: Turn Any Surface Into A Touch Screen | Indiegogo
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Spell Better – A Free Word Prediction App | OT’s with Apps
Logo for the Spell Better App (smiley face)

Spell Better App

 The upgrade provides export options and additional notes. As the function of writing is to publish or share information, the lack of export (locked) in the free version limits use, however, it does have some good qualities:

  • Phonetic word prediction
  • Text to speech capabilities
  • Dictionaries available to look up predicted words (however the definitions can not be read aloud.
  • Three prediction vocabularies sizes (3,000, 12,000 or 33,000+)
  • Other options:
    • Text size, font types
    • Prediction and speech options
    • Two background colors (Pale yellow or light gray)
  • Ability to trial the app for free.
...with a nod to OT with Apps!
Source: Spell Better – A Free Word Prediction App | OT's with Apps
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Emergency Management and Preparedness – Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities Webinar Series

Logo for Great Lakes ADA Center

Great Lakes ADA Center

Topic : Registries: Its not about the List! Description : The whole community approach to emergency management requires an informed and shared understanding of a community risks, needs, and capabilities. Communities often consider using Emergency Assistance Registries as a strategy for gaining such an understanding of their populations with communications, medical, independence, support, or transportation access or functional dependencies. Drawing on recent research, this talk will not focus on "the list"; rather, it will focus on four concepts critical to making registries about the people: registry purpose, inherent contract, location vs. hazard, and contract fulfillment. These concepts will be explained by showing how they played out in one community's registry operation. Presenter : Paul L. Hewett - Deputy Director of the Center for Integrated Emergency Preparedness,Argonne National Laboratory  
ADA Webinars and Trainings
Source: Emergency Management and Preparedness - Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities Webinar Series 
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