ORION TI-84 PLUS Talking Graphic Calculator | Products for the Blind and Visually Impaired – Orbit Research

ORION TI-84 PLUS Talking Graphic Calculator

ORION TI-84 PLUS Talking Graphic Calculator

A graphing calculator is an absolute necessity in today's high-school curricula, in higher education and for professionals. The Orion TI-84 Plus is the world's first fully accessible handheld graphing calculator. Based on the popular TI-84 Plus model from Texas Instruments, the market-leader in calculators and educational technology, the Orion TI-84 Plus represents a breakthrough in STEM education for blind and visually-impaired students.Since its functions are exactly the same as the TI-84 Plus, the Orion TI-84 Plus Talking Graphing Calculator is very easy for teachers to help with. A high-quality, synthesized voice announces each key and the answer on the display, providing a choice of speech rates, voices, etc.The Orion TI-84 Plus Talking Graphing Calculator consists of a compact accessory that is attached to the top of the TI-84 Plus and enables someone who is visually impaired to interact with the TI-84 Plus using speech, audio, and haptic (vibration) feedback. High-quality synthesized speech reads out all textual and symbolic information on the LCD screen, as well as each key-press. Graphs can be explored using either spoken announcements or the unique SonoGraphTM audio and haptic feedback which provides multi-modal feedback. The user can also review the contents of the screen at any time, including all text and graphical information, without affecting the calculation. The Orion TI-84 Plus Talking Graphing Calculator is fully expandable with hardware accessories through a USB port and can also print or emboss graphs when connected to a printer or embosser.A high-capacity rechargeable battery provides many hours of continuous operation and an AC adapter is included to charge it. An automatic power-off feature further extends battery life. The unit comes with high-quality stereo earphones, user manual in audio and digital form, and an AC adapter/charger. The unit can also be charged while connected to a computer's USB port.
Source: ORION TI-84 PLUS Talking Graphic Calculator | Products for the Blind and Visually Impaired - Orbit Research
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iBill Talking Banknote Identifier | Products for the Blind and Visually Impaired – Orbit Research

NEW iBill Talking Banknote Identifier

NEW iBill Talking Banknote Identifier

IndependenceRapid and immediate identification of paper money without having to depend on anyoneConfidenceThe ultra-high accuracy of the iBill provides peace of mindConvenienceThe compact iBill goes everywhere - in the pocket, purse or clipped to the belt and with its long battery life and power-efficient design, is always ready for useAffordabilityThe iBill is THE most affordable banknote identifierEnhanced Ease of Use: The new iBill now offersIncreased volume - making it easier to use in noisy places and for users with hearing difficultiesNew option for privacy - An Earphone Jack provides an alternative to the vibration modeA redesigned slot that makes it even easier to insert the bill, and recessed buttons prevent inadvertent activation when the unit is in a purse or pocket
Source: iBill Talking Banknote Identifier | Products for the Blind and Visually Impaired - Orbit Research
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Carebox Blog | Oneware: Objects for one handed usage

About 8yrs ago I slipped on ice and landed heavily on my right wrist. Although fine at the time with just complaints of a sore bottom, over the coming weeks I started suffering from numbness, pins and needles and soon developed a bad case of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) type pains as well as being diagnosed with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) by my GP. I’d damaged the nerves at the top of my spine. What followed was a difficult few years.As a self employed individual, right handed at that, it was very difficult to work. It was also very difficult to do a lot of things, things I had always taken for granted – like opening a door or a jar of honey, cooking (a great passion of mine), brushing my teeth, typing, driving etc. I became very reliant on my partner as well as my left hand. The latter has benefitted me over the years as I feel my brain did a bit of re-wiring at the time, making me a little more ambidextrous.A recent return of my symptoms lead to a search for tools to help someone who has limited mobility in one hand and through this search I discovered Oneware, a sink necessity that is designed specifically for those who only have one functioning arm. Industrial Designer Loren Lim has recently hit in the headlines with Oneware – a series of modular units that aids people in various kitchen processes from food preparation to dish washing. It is designed to eliminate the need for a second hand. I wish I’d had access to such a device/system when I’d had my accident. It would have helped me be a lot more self sufficient at the time.Amptuees, people born with one arm, patients suffering from stroke and temporary injuries as well as parents with a newborn often face difficulties using objects due to the limitations of one functioning hand. A lack of support to hold things down is one of the most common issues. The Oneware unit aims to solve that problem, if only with regards to kitchenware, and consists of a chopping board designed with structures that enable people to hold the food and objects in place while they go about tasks like chopping vegetables, buttering bread, washing dishes etc.
Source: Carebox Blog | Oneware: Objects for one handed usage
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Switch Adapted Ergonomic Trackballs W/ Superior-X Button Control and Optional External Buttons

CTS Switch Adapted Trackball

CTS Switch Adapted Trackball

CST Switch Adapted Ergonomic Trackballs let you enjoy maximum flexibility, control and efficiency. These trackballs coupled with Superior-X Button Control Software and optional external buttons give you the control and comfort that you need in today's world of complex applications and games.CST Switch Adapted Ergonomic Trackballs are available in Mechanical Optical and Laser L-Trac models. L-Trac models are available with or without a scroll wheel. See below for additional details and select your model in the dropdown menu below.The included Superior-X Button Control Software Allows you to re-map mouse buttons to over 40 pre-defined actions as well as the ability to record mouse button macros (a series of keystrokes). All of these actions can be made application specific which allows users to use the mouse buttons differently in each application. Application specific settings are quite useful in games since they do not inherently support extended mouse buttons. In addition, repetitive actions can be accomplished with one click saving time and effort. Two Optional External buttons can be added via a 3.5MM external jacks. The external buttons disable the on-board buttons. With the external buttons plugged in the switch then can be moved to a location which the user finds better. With Superior-X button Control, these external buttons add great functionality. You can add buttons to your order using the drop down menu below or purchase them separately here.
Source: Switch Adapted Ergonomic Trackballs W/ Superior-X Button Control and Optional External Buttons
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This Chrome extension helps color-blind users see the web

Text to Speech
Color Enhancer app interface

Color Enhancer

Color blindness isn't just an accusation thrown around when someone believes a dress is blue-and-black where you see white-and-gold. It's a very real condition that can create difficulties in daily life during those moments when discerning color is important, such as cooking or reading charts.
Color Enhancer for Chrome.
Now Google has a new Chrome extension to make the web a friendlier place for people with partial color-blindness. Called Color Enhancer, the new add-on by the Google Accessibility team is a "customizable color filter that applies to all webpages in order to improve color perception," according to Chrome evangelist François Beaufort.
Source: This Chrome extension helps color-blind users see the web | PCWorld
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Graphiti – Tactile Graphics Display | Products for the Blind and Visually Impaired – Orbit Research

Text to Speech
Tactile Graphics Display

Graphiti : Tactile Graphics Display

Graphiti is an Interactive Tactile Graphics Display based on revolutionary Tactuator technology from Orbit Research. It represents a breakthrough in non-visual access to any form of graphical information such as charts, drawings, flowcharts, floorplans, images and photographs, through an array of moving pins. The Tactuator technology provides the ability to set each pin to different heights, which enables the display of topographical maps and other graphical elements such as grey shades and color represented as varying heights of pins that can be readily sensed by the user's fingers.Graphiti features a touch interface to enable the user to "draw" on the display; tracing a shape with a fingertip raises the pins along the path traced. The touch interface allows traditional forms of touch commands such as scrolling, multi-touch gestures such as pinch-to-zoom, etc. In addition, it enables novel uses such as "pushing" or "nudging" an object on the display to physically move it. It is connectable to computers, tablets, smartphones, or the Orion TI-84 Plus Talking Graphing Calculator via a USB-C port or Bluetooth. Its open API allows developers to create apps to work with Graphiti. Additionally, an HDMI port allows connection to any device with a video display output. This enables any device to connect seamlessly to Graphiti. The unit also includes a cursor pad for navigation, and an SD-card slot for loading files for reading and editing in a standalone mode. The proprietary technology is fundamentally scalable and enables development of refreshable graphic displays of any size, at a fraction of the cost of graphic displays in the market today. The first Graphiti model has 2,400 pins in an array of 60 x 40 pins, and can be used in a portrait or landscape orientation. Each pin is independently addressable and can also be made to individually "blink" at configurable rates. Graphiti is expected to ship in late 2017. The picture shown is a one-quarter size prototype. Continue reading
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Lauren S. Enders on Social Media


Lauren S. Enders, MA, CCC-SLP is a speech-language pathologist currently serving as a full-time Augmentative Communication Consultant and Assistive Technology Consultant for the Bucks County Intermediate Unit in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Lauren has had a career-long passion for using assistive technology (including all types of augmentative and alternative communication) to support students with complex communication needs, mobility impairments, cognitive impairments, and other disabilities. She enjoys learning and teaching others how assistive technology may be used to improve access to communication, literacy, and leisure for individuals with disabilities. Lauren presents locally and nationally on topics related to augmentative communication and the use of iPads with students with disabilities. In recent years, Lauren has capitalized on the power of social media to share her passion and expertise for AAC, assistive technology, and more recently, the power of iOS technologies. Lauren created and manages a large Pinterest site (www.pinterest.com/lasenders) dedicated to special education, augmentative communication, assistive technology, and instructional technology. This site contains over one hundred fifty categorized boards of resources, apps, equipment, and other supports.

Her extensive Pinterest sites include:

  • iPad and iPod cases for version 1/2/3/4,
  • iPad Air 1/2, iPad Pro (12.9", 9.7"),
  • Mounting for the iPad and iPod,
  • Speakers for the iPad, Apps,
  • Voice Activiation, as well as all manner of therapy and Literacy boards.

This is a great resource for anyone desiring to become aquainted with technology centering on communication.

Additionally, Lauren has has offerings through the following social media.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LaurenSEndersMaCccSlp
Twitter: @lasenders
Lauren S. Enders, MA, CCC-SLP

Lauren S. Enders, MA, CCC-SLP

Source: Lauren Enders on Pinterest
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iPhone Case System with Swappable Modules – An Option for AAC Users? | OT’s with Apps & Technology

TTS Demo
Otterbox uniVERSE Case System

Otterbox uniVERSE Case System

Otterbox cases have been the mobile device case choice for most of our clients mobile device recommendations. Otterbox cases provide a protection, good quality yet remain somewhat slim.  Of course their is never a one size fits all for our clients pending their needs, however we have had success with Otterbox cases. One of Otterbox’s newer cases is the Universe Case System, offering protection along with swappable modules to the base case for iPhones (i6, i6 Plus).
frog tipping its hat

Thanks to OT with Apps for the Tip!

For those clients who are using a mobile device as an AAC device, battery life, volume/speaker output can be a concern depending on phone use, other services utilized and the environment.
Source: iPhone Case System with Swappable Modules – An Option for AAC Users? | OT's with Apps & Technology
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Blindfold Greeting Card on the App Store

Text to Speech
Blindfold Games logo

Blindfold Games

Blindfold Greeting Card is a fully accessible e-card app for sending audio cards to your friends and family. An audio greeting card is created by first selecting a sound effect, and then recording yourself saying something. After both steps are done, listen to the card to make sure you like it, and then send it to your friend or family member. Cards can be sent via email, text message, facebook, twitter or any other social networking app that your phone may have. To create and send a greeting card, follow these simple steps: 1. Select the sound effect. There are hundreds to chose from. 2. Record your voice greeting. 3. Listen to the card. If you don’t like it, re-record your voice until you are satisfied. 4. Send the card via any social networking app, email, Facebook, Twitter or as a text message.
Source: Blindfold Greeting Card on the App Store
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Message and Voice Banking – Amy and Pals

Two people seated at laptop. One is wearing headset.

Voice Banking

Changes in your speech or loss of speech may occur with ALS. While there is no easy way to prepare for this prospect, Message Banking and Voice Banking are excellent options for preserving your unique sound and the identity it represents. Voice or Message Banking will enable you to later customize a Speech Generating Device (SGD) with your voice which can create a more personal communication experience for you and those you love. Message and Voice Banking are free and can be done at home using your computer, tablet, smart phone or a voice recorder.  Banking  earlier in your diagnosis is preferable so if you run into any challenges or just find that you are putting it off, be certain to make an appointment with a speech therapist to assist you.

Message Banking

The simpler and quicker method  is called Message Banking and involves recording common expression in your own voice.  This method, unlike Voice Banking, captures your special cadence and delivery.  You can record greetings, laughter, your quintessential sayings, words of affection, a blessing, an expletive, pet praise, etc.  Everyone diagnosed with ALS should Message Bank as the time commitment is small and the result can be invaluable. These recordings can be made easily using Message Banking, a free app available at the Windows Store.  This app provides suggested messages, push button recording, and a single press to download all of your labeled, MP3 recordings into a folder on your computer.  The MP3 format works on all speech generating devices or Text-To-Speech (TTS) apps that play audio files. Message banking app screenshotMessage Banking App Screenshot AlphaCore  is a Text-To-Speech app specifically designed to quickly import Message Banking recordings and automatically set message buttons to play these recordings.   This eliminates the need to create labeled buttons on phrase pages for all of  your recordings and then upload each audio file to a message button.  The AlphaCore app is currently available for any tablet, computer  or SGD running Windows 8/10. “I Miss You” message button in AlphaCore Text-To-Speech app.
Continue reading
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